Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Miami Slice: #Dexter Ben & Jerry’s Flavor | Vulture + 5 Season artist prints Posters

Dexter-Themed Ben & Jerry’s Flavor -- Vulture:Dexter-IceCream2.jpg


Batman Teaser Poster - ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ /Film

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Teaser Poster | /Film:
The questions: is Gotham being destroyed or rebuilt? Is that debris falling or, as the title suggests, rising?

I got the point of the poster on the second look, which is excellent. The effect is subtle.

Cathedral pickle bottle in blueish green Lot 132 - American Bottle Auction

American Bottle Auction - Catalog Lot 132 - American Bottle Auction:

Outstanding food containers in this sale, including this beautiful bluish green pickle bottle.

It seems as though a lot of times, pickle [bottle]s are very heavily used or are in great shape. This one is obviously the latter. A Grade 9.7, they don’t get much better.
Minimum Bid: $ 1,000. Estimate: $ 2,000 - $ 3,000

Lego Minifigs + Movies Posters: by Old Red Jalopy studio | Fubiz™

Lego Movies Posters | Fubiz™

In the same spirit as the series Lego Inspired by Movies, the Old Red Jalopy studio recreated film posters by using the universe of Lego. Compare the original poster and the lego version side-by-side.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Dexter Season 6 Trailer, Promo Poster + 13 unique posters by Ty Mattson #Squidoo

Dexter Season 6 Promo Poster:
dexter tv news
"The folks over at Showtime have produced yet another humdinger of a Dexter promo poster, emphasizing this year's religious theme. It not only refers to Dexter (Michael C. Hall) as an avenging angel but the blood splatter behind him also gives this distinct impression."

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Top 5 Gig Poster Artists: Austin Town Hall +

Friday Top 5: Gig Poster Artists | Austin Town Hall:
"As the designer and occasional poster artist for Austin Town Hall, I’ve always had a love affair with well-done gig posters. Since I’m about to get ready to do my third (cant believe we’ve been doing it for 3 years now) ATH SXSW poster and it’s that time of year when every bulletin board and lamppost is plastered with them, I figured it would be a great opportunity to talk about my favorite poster artists. This list is totally subjective, so it’s all based on my personal taste. When your done reading, go support them. Buy their posters, frame them and put them up on your wall."

Movie poster series: tribute from | Welcome to obsession

Welcome to obsession -
work showcase by Ibraheem Youssef, a Toronto based Designer.
"What I love most about experiencing new cultures & places, is the fact that it is a constant reminder of how beautifully ignorant one always is. Travelling also serves as a tool of self discovery, one is able to figure out things about his self that he never would have otherwise noticed at all before. You can view a top selection of my favourite travel shots here."
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QUILTED POISON half-gallon blue antique bottle w/skull and crossbones - Lot 73 - American Bottle Auction

American Bottle Auction - Catalog Lot 73 - American Bottle Auction:
(enter lot number 73 at bottom of auction pages)
" Large, round poison [bottle] with the original stopper. The stopper reads, “POISON,” on the top, with a picture of a skull and crossbones. It is also very sharp. Obviously this prevented anyone from misidentifying the bottle. A very rare bottle in this size, also un-dug and the first we’ve offered.
Grade 9.8. Minimum Bid: $ 800. Estimate: $ 800 - $ 1,500"

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Russian Movie posters - Watch online free |

Watch online free - Home:
The American - Американец

Jackass 3D

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Stop, Drop and Hurl: Jalapeno Eating Contest posters at the Wisconsin State Fair |

Wisconsin State Fair Jalapeno Eating Contest posters:
Milwaukee, Wisconsin ad agency, STIR, created these posters to encourage entrants to the state's Jalapeno Eating Contest. Placed in the restaurants where the qualifying competitions took place, the winners from each participating restaurant advanced to the final event at the Wisconsin State Fair.

10 Brilliant Interactive Billboards [VIDEOS] via @iHaveNewsNow

10 Brilliant Interactive Billboards [VIDEOS]

This high-impact concept confronts the public with their inactivity in the face of a green-screened scene of aggression toward public service workers.

Friday, August 26, 2011

1950s and '60s drug exploitation movie posters tackle sex and drugs |

Poster madness on the Main:
Dave Rosen collects and sells vintage movie posters, 18 of which are on display at Blue Sunshine on St. Laurent Blvd. until July 31. "I put this together because I thought this is something nobody has ever done before," Rosen said.
"Thrills That Kill: Morals and Movie Posters - on the walls of the Blue Sunshine film centre on St. Laurent Blvd. (Montreal) - provides an entertaining glimpse into the fascinating netherworld of what were known as 'cautionary tale' exploitation movies. From the earliest days of American cinema, filmmakers would make movies about sex, drugs and later rock 'n' roll, designed, in theory, to warn viewers of the evils of these things.

The 18 vintage posters in the show belong to Dave Rosen, the former CBC Radio traffic reporter and current Montreal Mirror cartoonist."

"I put this together because I thought this is something nobody has ever done before," said Rosen. "To show specifically this kind of exploitation poster, for the cautionary tale films. It's a sub-genre. Reefer Madness is probably the one that set the pattern for cautionary-tale films. The whole idea is that things are shown on the screen that are forbidden, but it's okay to show them because you're teaching people that they shouldn't be doing this stuff. That's how these producers got around the Production Code. They could show drug use and sexual situations, but it had to be an educational experience. Everyone had to get their comeuppance at the end of the movie."
The Production Code was instituted to try to keep any illicit activity out of American movies and, by the 1930s, filmmakers, mostly independent producers, began churning out these pictures. Most of the posters in Thrills That Kill are from the 1950s and 1960s - for movies like the rock 'n' roll cult fave High School Confidential and Synanon, a drama starring Edmond O'Brien as a reformed alcoholic who starts up a rehab facility.

Dragon Shield Deck Protectors review : There Be Dragons! | The Hobby Blog

There Be Dragons! The Hobby Blog:
In a slight detour from the normal toy soldier theme, I thought I’d share my experiences about card protectors. Card what I hear you say!?!

Well, Warmachine uses trading card sized stat cards. On these damage (and other things) are marked off during the game. Great, except you will want to use this stat cards for more than one game.

The obvious solution to this is to encase the card in clear plastic and use a drywipe marker to mark off damage so the cards can be reused.

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The 55 Dragons designs project | The Swedish Bed

The Swedish Bed » Blog Archive » The 55 Dragons designs project

Here is a collection of Dragon bust 3d sketches using Zbrush done by Damir, a Croation 3D artist. 55 designs in less then 28 days using Z-brush, 3ds Max and Photoshop.

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Very early portrait of Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman was an early adopter of portrait photography, visiting many different studios in the course of his lifetime.

Louis Daguerre was a French chemist experimenting with the first photographic process. His first exhibition of "Daguerreotypes" appeared in 1838 and became popular immediately.

T-shirts, greeting cards and other gift ideas from Song_of_Myself - at Zazzle.
Amplify’d from

Walt Whitman age 29

Whitman age 29 tee shirt
Early Daguerreotype of Walt Whitman taken in 1848.
Custom-made rounded text with the authors name

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Minimalist UK TV Show Posters by Stefanos Birbotsukis | Shapes of Rhythm

Shapes of Rhythm: Minimalist Posters:
"A collection of minimalist poster designs that I did for a couple of UK series."

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Supplies for collecting cards

UltraPro makes the best acid-free products for collecting any kind of cards or paper ephemera.

The company started with trading card game products in the 1990s, and now their mission has expanded to be "the leading global supplier of investment protection products ... to protect and enhance the keepsakes which fuel peoples passion for collectibles,memories, nostalgia and history."
Amplify’d from
Trading Card Supplies
Store and protect your valuable cards with Ultra-PRO™ collecting supplies, including 9 pocket pages and trading card sleeves. Everything you need to display Baseball and Sports Cards, Artist Trading Cards ATC, Customizable Card Games CCG and any Trading Card Games.
Deck Protectors from Ultra-PRO are used by game card players around the world to protect cards while playing in duels and tournaments. Toploaders are made of hard plastic for the best protection of valuable baseball and trading cards.

NZ Gig Poster: The great Prince Tui Teka |

The great Prince Tui Teka |
Prince Tui Teka Live In NZ

"One of the best presents I have ever been given is a print of a Prince Tui Teka gig poster; my parents gave it to me as a gift for finishing my university degree - roughly a decade after I started it. But that part's not important to the story.

It's framed now. It hangs in the hallway of our home. Not the degree. That has coffee stains and cigarette burns on it (no, really) and will never be put to use. No, I mean the Tui Teka print. It's framed and has pride of place outside our study; near the front door. I pass it every day and it reminds me of Tui - a hero of mine.

Prince Tui Teka learned his craft/earned his stripes working with The Maori Volcanics and other showbands of the time. He was born Tui Teka and took on 'Prince' as part of his stage-name; a royalty bestowed upon him. Elvis was the King, so he wanted to be (New Zealand's) Prince. Another stage name was Tui Latui - he performed in bands, The Royal Samoans and Maoris and Prince Tui Latui & The Maori Troubadours."

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Friday, August 19, 2011

fictional Australian Interior Authority? Posters in Brisbane: Signs cause online buzz

What is the Australian Interior Authority? Signs cause online buzz:
Bus shelter
"The recent emergence of signs, billboards and online ads outlining the fictional decrees of the futuristic Australian Interior Authority have internet forums abuzz with speculation over what it's all about.

It's a classic case of “discovery marketing”, according to Simon Dell of Brisbane marketing company TwoCents, where online communities try to home in on just what the campaign is selling. And once they figure it out, they'll be more likely to buy it.

“When you discover those things it's like being part of a secret club,” he said.

“Nobody else is part of the secret club because you've taken the steps to get in. It's that exclusivity. The irony is they are doing it in a massive way on billboards and things.

“Apple use it quite a lot. They want people to feel like they are part of an exclusive club, even though everyone has an iPhone.”"
Posters featuring laws set out by the fictional Australian Interior Authority.
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