Tuesday, August 16, 2011

UltraPro Deck Protectors for Collectible Card Games #CCG #Collecting Supplies

Deck protectors are thick plastic sleeves used to protect playing cards while shuffling through a deck during trading card tournaments and "duels" for games like Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon.

Ultra Pro introduced the first deck protector to the gaming community in 1994, and now there are dozens of different styles and special products developed with the major trading card companies.

These durable sleeves can be used to protect artists trading cards and paper products for shipping. They're also great for organizing business cards in your purse, or protecting the magnetic stripe on credit cards from wear and tear in your wallet...

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and baseball cards
Deck protectors are used by card players around the world to keep their collection in mint condition during tournaments and duels. Each bag in the Solid Color Series holds enough to store 50 cards, and comes double wrapped in a resealable bag. Ultra Pro also makes special Chromatic, Fantasy, Satin and Metalized deck protectors.
Ultra-PRO deck protectors in five colors:

white, green, blue, black & red

Deck protectors fit inside trading card pages >

Also available: trading card sleeves >

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