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Restoration for works of art on paper

Art restoration techniques for posters and paper can be expensive, but the investment for artwork repairs can often be realized in the final value.
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Art restoration: posters, vintage advertising and memorabilia

Paper restoration is the next step after conservation to improve the appearance of posters, memorabilia and other works of art on paper. Restoration techniques are used to make cosmetic changes that can return works of art on paper to their original appearance.
Restoring vintage posters and paper can double the value of your vintage memorabilia and ephemera, especially now as investors turn to other types of assets with high growth potential like movie posters, advertising and paper collectibles.

Poster restoration techniques


Poster restoration video
The story of a movie poster collector who does restoration work on his valuable poster collection which hangs all over the walls of his house and studio.

Restoration of posters and fine art

Beatles before and after
Water damage is another paper defect that requires reconstruction of the basic paper material. This original Beatles '65 album cover soaked up water like a sponge along the bottom edge.

The Poster Series - Read more about collecting posters and restoring artwork. 

Is poster restoration right for you?

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Art book collector: 2000 Piccaso books, self-published own works | Iowa City Press Citizen | press-citizen.com

A life’s labors collected | Iowa City Press Citizen | press-citizen.com:
"Lasansky still is collecting art books. In his Iowa City studio, alongside his latest massive paintings in various states of completion, is shelf after shelf of books from all manner of artists. With his Picasso books alone numbering more than 2,000, it’s as much library as it is a work space.

“I’m an artist, and all artists need books and art around them,” Lasansky said.
Now he has added one more book to his collection: his own."

A self-described perfectionist, Lasansky opted to establish his own publishing company, 4 Peaks Press, rather than work with an outside firm, allowing him to maintain complete control over the finished product.

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Lego minifigs: Pocket money toys on the playground - young collectors - Telegraph

Pocket money toys go after young collectors - Telegraph:
Lego profits soar on Harry Potter effect
The cast of Harry Potter in Lego characters - the toymaker has credited its Hary Potter range with driving a 32pc rise in sales.

"Lego minifigs, as children called them, were so popular because children could buy a Lego person without the need to purchase a full Lego building set, and because they did not know what was inside the packet. This phenomenon – as old as cigarette cards and more recently Panini football stickers – encouraged large-scale playground swapping, exacerbated by all the figures being on sale for just a few months."

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Reddy Kilowat - collection of Randy Jones | theimaginaryworld.com

Reddy Kilowat

Most wonderful collection of strange objects @ Little Shop of Horrors, London | Fortean Times

Viktor Wynd and his Little Shop of Horrors | FBI | Fortean Times:
Victor Wynds display cabinet
"A flight of stairs leads the visitor down into what might just be the most wonderful collection of strange objects ever assembled under one roof, the modern equivalent of some 17th-century kunstkammer, a collection of objects assembled at a whim on the basis of their aesthetic or historical appeal with little to link one wonder to another and no attempt at explanation. The objects are assembled simply for their own intrinsic interest or grotesque appeal."
The Little Shop of Horrors is located at 11 Mare Street, London E8.
An alien skull

Invasion of the Saucer-Men vintage lobby card movie poster 1957 : VINTAGE Movie Posters - Celebrity AUTOGRAPHS - ORIGINAL Movie Posters - SPORTS Memorabilia

Invasion of the Saucer-Men vintage lobby card movie poster 1957 : VINTAGE Movie Posters - Celebrity AUTOGRAPHS - ORIGINAL Movie Posters - SPORTS Memorabilia
Popular and highly desirable Saucer Men lobby card. Great scene with Saucer Man’s hand rising out of the back seat with two soon to be horrified victims.

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Drewry's Beer - collection of Randy Jones | theimaginaryworld.com

Drewry's Beer

New Coca–Cola collectible - 125 years boxset - Groceries - Food & Wine | Selfridges

Coca–Cola 125 years boxset - COCA-COLA - Groceries - Food & Wine - Selfridges | Shop OnlineCoca–Cola 125 years boxset

Ford Pinto owners road rally celebrate car's comeback | Reporter-Herald, Loveland, Colo.

Pinto owners celebrate car's comeback with rally starting in Denver , 5/30/2011 - Reporter-Herald, Loveland, Colo.
Norm Bagi, who once lived in Boulder, is organizing a road rally from Denver to Pennsylvania to celebrate the 40th birthday of the Ford Pinto. He will be driving his light blue customized 1977 Boss Pinto with a mock Boss 302 engine, and his wife will be in her stock 1976 Pinto Runabout with a 2.8 V-6 that has power steering, brakes and air conditioning.

Once among the most popular cars in America, the Pinto is an endangered species.
Of the 3 million Pintos manufactured, experts estimate that fewer than 10,000 are still on the road.
Most Pintos ended up in junkyards, but some were stashed in grandparents’ garages, preserving the contemporary collector’s dream, right down to the original bucket seats and eight-track tape players.
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