Thursday, June 9, 2011

Excellent condition & other grading systems for art

Buying posters at auction - grading systems for art
Art condition for eBay & live auctions
The most important thing about bidding at an auction is to understand the condition of the object for sale. Live auctions have a viewing period before the sale to exhibit all the items to the participants. Large auction houses often print a catalog with pictures and a written description of the objects in the auction sale.

Because seeing images of the items online is no substitute for the real thing, understanding the grading system used to describe the condition of the auction item is important when you make bids online.

Ten point system

Poster grading with pin point detail

10-point poster grading was developed in recent years as a precise way to evaluate and grade posters of any kind. Basically, the best Condition C10 and C9 (Mint and Near Mint) are classified by what may not appear on the poster, with reference to the many defects to paper and image quality, but there are a few surprises.

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