Friday, May 6, 2011

Free Comic Book Day Events: Saturday, May 7 + Collectors spotlight in LaSalle, Illinois -

Bam! Pow! Bang! Fans look forward to Free Comic Book Day -
"International Free Comic Book Day in LaSalle, Illinois on Saturday, May 7, 2011"

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#LiDAR: Scanning the Royal wedding app Android & iPhone | Irish Examiner

Company to release royal wedding app | Irish Examiner:

Flag of Westminster Abbey, featuring the Tudor...Image via Wikipedia

"Mobile phone users will be able to take a virtual 3D tour through the ancient of Westminster Abbey, starting at Great West Door – the point where Kate Middleton began her walk down the aisle to meet Prince William.

Abbey 3D, featuring an internal scaled replica of the 1000-year-old Abbey, uses revolutionary laser scanning technology and 3D modelling."

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Constructivist poster: ESSEN Germany 1928 |

ESSEN 1928: "
Format carré inhabituel pour cette affiche
signée Max Burchartz pour le 2e Congrès
de danse à Essen - 1928 .

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Pontiac-Oakland museum vehicles begin to arrive

Pontiac-Oakland museum vehicles begin to arrive:
"Tim Dye is moving his entire collection from his home in Broken Arrow, Okla., to the Pontiac-Oakland Automobile Museum, 205 N. Mill St., which is scheduled to open July 23. He began his collection when he was 16, after purchasing a wrecked 1968 GTO.

Dye, an author, collector and historian of Pontiacs and Oaklands — a General Motors make that preceded the Pontiac — says the museum will feature showroom brochures, advertising posters, model cars, matchbooks, books, toys, plates, glasses and various promotional items."

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Fossil collector donates life’s work to Florida Museum of Natural History | University of Florida News #Paleontology

University of Florida News – Fossil collector donates life’s work to Florida Museum of Natural History:
"world’s second-largest collection of Florida vertebrate fossils. The museum will honor Lake Wales resident John Waldrop for the donation of his collection during the fourth annual meeting of the Southeastern Association of Vertebrate Paleontology at 7 p.m. Saturday at the Paramount Plaza Hotel in Gainesville."

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Collect Hockey sports cards free at Autographs signing events | Philly Metro

Metro - Hockey history to be had for cheap:
"Hicks, 36, recommends looking for free events and game signings to get collectibles without spending a dime.

He has more than 100 pieces ranging from autographed pucks, sticks, jerseys and photos. But the most prized piece in his collection is a game-used and autographed Bure jersey he acquired in 1994."

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Collecting doll houses in New Brunswick, Canada |

It's a small world | by VALERIE LEBLANC - Breaking News, New Brunswick, Canada
Gallery Image
"Collecting since 1983, her interest in this hobby was launched during a family trip to Magnetic Hill. Visiting the gift shop, a display of miniature furniture captured her imagination. Later, during a trip to Bangor, Maine she remembered the display when looking for a gift to take back for her daughter.

'I saw this little crib in a window. There were no blankets on it, no doll, but the sides went up and down. I thought that it was really perfect!'"

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Tonner Doll Company, Inc. Celebrates 20 Years in Business

Tonner Doll Company, Inc. Celebrates 20 Years in Business:
"Tonner’s long-time interest in collecting fashion dolls led him to try his hand at doll sculpting. In 1985, Tonner received a glowing review from an esteemed panel of judges at the National Institute of American Doll Artists Conference in NYC for a model-like fashion doll he had entered for critique. During the years that followed, Tonner turned more of his attention to developing and perfecting his doll designs, while still pursuing his career as a rising fashion designer. In 1991, he left the fashion industry to start the Robert Tonner Doll Company."

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Tonka toys: I love dirt and rocks and sand and mud and muck. I love my Tonka--man, I love my truck

an old-style steel toy dump truck by TonkaImage via Wikipedia
Tonka Trucks - a  little bit of history:

"Tonka toy trucks were created by Mound Metalcraft Company in 1947 in a schoolhouse basement near Lake Minnetonka. An immediate success, the half dozen employees produced 37,000 toy trucks that first year. Since then, entire generations of children have grown up with Tonka trucks."

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Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising (UK) : Background

Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising : : Background:
Robert Opie, kneeling in front of a museum display
"Starting at the age of sixteen with a packet of Munchies, Robert Opie built up the collection that now extends to all aspects of daily life - toys, magazines, technology, travel, souvenirs, fashion and design.

From 1984 to 2001, the collection was housed in the Museum of Advertising and Packaging in Gloucester. In December 2005, the Museum moved to London with the aid of pi global who undertook fundraising and many other tasks including achieving charitable status in 2002."

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Carousel figures sell for high prices today+History+News -

Kovel antiques: Carousels figures as collectibles -
Toad Figurine
"Carousels probably were first made in the 1700s to train spear-throwers, not as enjoyable rides for children. A horseback rider would ride toward a hanging ring and try to put the spear through it. By the late 1700s in Europe, there were small, light, movable carousels that traveled from city to city. The modern carousel was introduced in the United States in the 1860s. Gustav Dentzel started a company that made carousel figures and parts."

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Lunchtime logotypes: Chronology of A & W Root Beer (USA) "Rootbear" | by Ken Polsson

 Chronology of A & W Root Beer (USA):
A&W Glass Mug, Root Bear, 3.5 oz, 1983

1924 Roy Allen registers the name "A & W Root Beer", and the A & W logo with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.

1948 new 10 ounce root beer mug from the Indiana Glass Company (#1518) is introduced to A & W restaurants. It has a half-heart shaped handle, and features a red/black/white bull's-eye logo.

1965 A & W applies for a trade-mark on the bull's-eye logo.

1968 A & W International first uses an image of an oval double-boomerang with letters "A & W" as a trademark logo.


  • A & W International first uses an image of an oval double-boomerang with letters "A & W" as a trademark logo. [44]
March 26
  • A & W adopts a new logo in the US (after bottling 6000 cases with the old logo). It is changed to an orange/brown/white oval design. "A" and "W" are in brown and the "&" is in orange, on a white field. Outside of the white is a half orange, half brown oval ring.
  • A & W founder Roy Allen dies.
  • The name of the A & W Root Beer Company is changed to A & W International.

1969 (mid-year) Logo decal used on root beer mugs from the Indiana Glass Company is modified to remove most of white color from behind the orange/brown colors, allowing them to bond to the glass, giving the product a longer life.

1972 The logo on the 3 1/2 ounce, 8 ounce, and 14 ounce root beer mugs from the Indiana Glass Company is changed to include an orange/brown map of the continental United States surrounding the A & W lettering. Removed in 1976


  • A & W (USA) begins using an image as a trade-mark of a walking bear in a sweater with an oval A & W logo on its chest. [44]
  • A & W (USA) begins using "ROOTBEAR" as a trade-mark.

1975 A & W Brands first uses an image with text "FROSTY MUG TASTE" as applied to soft drinks.

1978 The Indiana Glass Company adds an oval-shaped escutcheon to the 8 ounce and 14 ounce A & W root beer mugs, to assist in locating the logo decal.

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Postcards: History of Raphael Tuck & 'coloured scraps' | Knoxville News Sentinel

'Coloured scraps' a cut above with collectors | Knoxville News Sentinel:
These pictures created by Raphael Tuck and Co., are considered a precursor to modern scrapbooking.
"While postcards are perhaps the most well known of the products made by Raphael Tuck, this company also printed such items as paper dolls, children's books, jigsaw puzzles, Christmas cards and Valentine cards. They also produced items called 'coloured scraps' - which is what the items in today's question happen to be.

Raphael Tuck was born in Koschmin, Prussia (now Poland) on Aug. 7, 1821. He was a carpenter by trade and eventually had seven children with his wife, Ernestine. In 1864, when war broke out between Prussia and Denmark, Tuck decided to move his family to England. In 1865, they settled in London."

Read more at the Knoxville News Sentinel

Petroleum Collectibles Monthly Magazine (Print) - PCM Image Gallery :: PCM Magazine Braglines

Petroleum Collectibles Monthly Magazine - PCM Image Gallery :: PCM Magazine Braglines
PCM Magazine has articles on gas pumps, gasoline pump globes, oil cans, signs, reproduction alerts, new discoveries, auction and show coverage and much more every month. We feature several pages of classified ads to bring buyers and sellers together. Monthly gas and oil show schedules are also listed so readers can keep up with all the latest events in our growing hobby. © PCM

PCM braglines - Photos from our subscribers

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Road Maps: 1898 first automobile road map (via Road Map Collectors Association)

Maps of their times-1
Humorous 'Hy-Finn' Chevron map
1928 General Petroleum map
Half-sized Mobil map

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Cigarette Pack Collectors' Association (

The Early Years - Cigarette Pack Collectors' Association:


"In 1564, Captain John Hawkins and his crew introduced pipe smoking to England and over the next few decades the demand for American leaf grew significantly. Sir Walter Raleigh is credited with popularizing pipe-smoking at the English royal court not long after. A few decades later, John Rolfe brought South American tobacco seed to the Jamestown Virginia settlement and raised the first crop of “tall tobacco” in what is now the U.S. By the 1730s, the first North American tobacco factories had appeared in Virginia manufacturing snuff"

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