Monday, May 23, 2011

Roadside attractions: Clown Museum + 20,000 arrowheads | Colorado Springs Independent

Roadside distractions | Summer Guide | Colorado Springs Independent:
Of course: The clown's head in "Three Ring Respite," the artwork in the center of this photo, is made out of a hairball removed from a cow's stomach. - Matthew Schniper
Granpa Jerry's Clown Museum. There is one. It's a coulrophobe's worst nightmare — and for the rest of us, one of those magically odd places you have to see and feel for yourself. [Travel] 100 miles east of Colorado Springs to Arriba and Genoa for a summer daytrip.

The same can be said of Jerry Chubbuck's Genoa Tower & Museum (or World's Wonder View Tower) just 13 miles down the road, where more than 20,000 arrowheads and other Native American artifacts are tightly displayed alongside other rare archeological finds; tens of thousands of antique bottles and homesteader tools; peculiar artworks; and top-drawer curios like the 'world famous two-headed calf.'"

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