Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Collecting Decoys: 33 year veteran of the hobby talks | Chicago Sun-Times

Allure of decoys: It’s the real thing - Chicago Sun-Times:
Story ImageDecoying With BenImage by Skinbops via Flickr
"... what has happened to decoys [is] a fascinating study of Americana on many levels. Freimuth, who thinks he has been to every show since 1977, understands the many strands threaded into collecting decoys.

‘‘Once a guy went to a decoy show, the imprint was stamped on [his] forehead: You can’t get enough,’’ he said. ‘‘You meet a lot of people like yourself.’’

His collection focuses on birds from Evans Decoy Factory, a Wisconsin business from the early 20th century."

There are two main threads in collecting decoys: Those who collect for love or memories and those who collect as an investment.
‘‘It isn’t expensive,’’ Freimuth said. ‘‘The collectors have to guard their finances. Buy what you can afford. Buy what you like.’’

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