Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Australian Postcard fanatic Nick Vukovic & rock poster collector, golf pro

Medium is the message:
Rare ... a postcard from Roger Weik's golf-themed collection shows the nine-hole course that was part of the Lapstone Hotel at Glenbrook in 1947. The resort has been taken over by the RAAF base
"The extraordinary postcard collection of Nick Vukovic was first featured in a 1983 edition of This Australia magazine. At that stage, Vukovic, also known as a fanatical collector of rock music posters, had more than 10,000 cards with the emphasis on sensational news events."

"What makes a number of the old photographic cards so very interesting is that they bear the only illustrations we have of some of the untoward happenings of their time," writes Don Darbyshire in This Australia.

It helps if your subject is unique. One gent collects only postcards of Australian police stations. The quirkiest subject known is circus midgets.
A solid collection on a single subject will always be more valuable at auction than a more general one. Lebovic advises beginners to pick one theme and stick to it.

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