Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hey! Look at My Toys!: My Kenner Star Wars Collection!

Hey! Look at My Toys!: My Kenner Star Wars Collection!:

Collecting every Star Wars figure made by Kenner. Red tint are the ones he has. Soon the whole chart will get filled in as the collection is completed.

Kenner had the exclusive license to make Star Wars products from 1977 to 1985. The option was offered to Mego corporation who turned down the offer. "Mego toy company? Never heard of them", and that's why. Kenner brand toys are now part of Hasbro.

Think they actually call people completists who go after every one of a series, or a particular toy company. There's always the problem of one or two special rare items that were duds, they didn't like how the figure came out and stopped production. But a few slipped into the mainstream, or directly into collectors hands (employees).

Kenner Introductions: Felicity
Image by MissBlythe via Flickr

As I learned recently on the Funko Funatics website, there's a whole world of toy collectors, and worlds within worlds for each of the toy brands. The major companies have bought out many of the familiar brands from the 1970s and 80s, like Kenner. Now, there's hundreds of smaller companies that are grabbing market share for toys.


Kid Robot started in 2002 with irreverent dolls inspired by Anime and urban culture. Limited production runs of some of the characters make these toys instant collectors items. Different artists from around the world create the designs.

Vinylmation appears to be Disney's answer to this kind of Jeff Koons kawaii figures.

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