Tuesday, March 5, 2013

LaQ - Snap-together construction toy kits

Very cool modular block construction toys from LaQ with sets for girls and boys. Unique square and triangular puzzle pieces snap together easily and the instructions are easy to follow with exploded-view diagrams. The Q is for "kyuu" which means sphere in Japanese because these pieces can make all the platonic solids and more, even the dodecahedron. The freeform kits are my favorite. 

Children's Picture Books with HolesChildren's Picture Books with Holes
Spend time with your family reading a whole genre of children's picture "Books With Holes". The holes or windows are there to let you peek through ...

Play-Deco paper and wood crafting construction kits

This was my favorite group of products at the Toy Fair for 2013, 
other than my first love for all things Funko

Play-Deco by magnote.com

With a combination of light-weight bass wood and printed paper templates, these kits are reat gifts for office workers and I really want to get one of everything, so cool! Play-Deco kits come in 5 different single sets (Catherine, Tamaro, Break, Robosuke, Devio) and 5 combo sets (Postman and Wagon, Kenji & Airplane, Junko & Supercar, Nancy & Sexyshark, Owlman & Owlmobile).

Break and Robosuki

Brownie and Citron are fine-tuned robots that perform tasks at your desk

Hold 250 paper clips, 83 jelly beans, 92 M&M's ®, sticky notes, and even hold notes and pens in the grips of their little robot hands. Combine stickers, bass wood and paper craft in one piece.

Catherine - loves music, nature and animals.
Her monkey and parrot always fight over the best spot (on top of her head)

Piperoids unique paper craft robot toys - Original paper toy kits for the office

PIPEROID paper craft robots

The whole lineup of recently released Piperoid robot toys from magnote.com 

First time I've seen these toys and I can't think of anything cooler to give my niece and nephew the next time they need something to do for an hour when they come to visit (their Dad needs some down-time while the kids play games) Octo (mischievous octopus) and Deca (mischievous  crab) (not pictured) were released in time for Toy Fair. The rival chefs Salt & Pepper are great for any would-be connoisseur. "All you need is a pair of sissors." Check Magnote on facebook.


The webpage has full support for end-users with Instructions, Assembly Tips and an FAQ. In this case FAQ stands for Freekin' Awesome Quality toys - see the videos. All you get is several tubes of paper and pictographic instructions without many words. Yet, all these complicated toys with movable limbs and multi-points of articulation. These are so simple and cool as to be elegant.

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