Saturday, February 11, 2012

Uglydolls: WAGE 10 YEARS OLD! creator David Horvath & Sun-Min Kim #TF12


Sun-MIn sewed together the very first Uglydoll, Wage,
10 years ago this December, and the 10th
anniversary of the very first Wage to ever be sold
in stores is coming in 2012. We have something
very special planned for mid 2012 to celebrate
Wage's birthday so stay tuned! Wage has always
been one of our best sellers but because the
special shops we sell to always want new and new
and new, we had to make room.
We are completely out of Wage at the warehouse so
if you have one, go get him a "10" candle and
a cup cake ( non GMO please ) or
maybe a salad.

Wage version zero?
This was the first attempt at sewing for Sun-Min.
The second ever item she ever sewed was Wage.
So this goes to show you kids, never give up,
especially after your first attempt.
I fail all day long, doesn't phase me one bit.

Direct quote from the former blog of David Horvath (he's switching over to Tumblr). The last sentence is just riveting and one worth posting on the bathroom mirror to remember every day. Don't fight failure - it's the best teacher.

He'll be at the International Toy Fair New York #TF12 this year, signing autographs and releasing a tenth anniversary edition of Wage. Horvath and Kim also announced the deal to make an animated feature film based on the Uglydoll characters.
[Note: The signing was on the show calendar but Horvath was out of town.] 

New York Toy Fair Move-in | Show Starts Sunday 10AM


The Toy Fair in New York is not like a Comic-con, but still I fell the urge to make a Noisy Boy robot costume from the Real Steel movie and cruise down the aisles and have a bit of fun. They'd probably throw me out on my arse, but we'll see.

Many of the toy blogs will have coverage of the event, so I'm just going to stick with the quirky details and the toys that I like. I've a passion for FunKo Pop! Vinyl toys since I first saw them in November and now I'm starting to get into Wacky Wobblers.

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