Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Women lobby for Bald Barbie for girls with cancer | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Bald Barbie Doll and True Hope Bratz 'n Moxie Dolls

A group formed on facebook to petition Mattel to create this new Barbie for girls suffering hair loss from cancer treatments. There's some controversy about Mattel's offer to donate 10,000 dolls to hospitals in the US and Canada. The Mattel spokesman answered my email, and you can see the official Mattel statement about Barbie's bald friend.

Toy maker MGA Entertainment also responded to the campaign by creating three new Bratz and 3 Moxie dolls. The idea of these dolls I find particularly moving and just super cool.

Facebook Page


Add for those who say, "Just shave the hair off a Barbie"

G.I. Joe has a similar campaign

bald G.I. Joe Cancer awareness doll 
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