Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pocket God iPad game stats - how many Pigmies have been squashed by angry gods? ToyFairNY #TF12

Pocket God is the #1 selling digital comic game with 13-24 year old guys and the #4 highest selling app at the Apple App Store with over 13 million players and gazillions of sacrificial pigmies (see stats below). News from the Toy Fair is that the company is looking to partner with an experienced toy company to create vinyl figures out of these characters. If you thought Big Little Planet was hot, these toys (when they come out) will be mucho hot products. 
Pocket God Original Figurine
Pocket God Original Figurine (bought)
Bolt Creative is a San Francisco based independent game company and creator of the hit iPhone game “Pocket God”.  “Pocket God” has sold over 6.5 million units and is spreading to other platforms, such as Android, iPad and Facebook. Our goal is to create quality games that are fun to play, are fun to develop and make us laugh.

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