Friday, February 24, 2012

Supermagical Dunny in 64 colors | Kidrobot new release Feb 24th + artist signing SF & Miami

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SuperMagical Dunny - 64colors

I roam the forest keeping a watchful eye for those who disrespect that which is sacred and in decline. Beware and do not destroy, or I will descent upon you with a mighty fury and vengeance that is swift and absolute.

Inspired by myth and folklore, supernatural events, and walks in the woods behind their studio, 64 Colors weaves together tales both real and imagined..... more goodness from KidRobot hits stores today with artists signing events in San Fran and Miyami.

POP! Hop is all the rage | A Funko Funatic hoard

Pop! Rocks - Michael Jackson ❝Bad❞
Slave Leia - Star Wars Pop!

Final days of Toy Fair NY 2012 coverage continues on Monday. You can now find Emperor Zurg and Peter Pan at stores. There's a series of Mini Wacky Wobblers available now at Barnes and Noble.

Emperor Zurg - Disney Pop!
V for Vendetta - Pop! Movies

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

ROAD KILL: Squash Plush and Twisted Teddies w/body bag and death cert. | ToyFairNY #TF12

Next to the ToyTokyo and MINDscape booth at the toy fair, one chap set up shop showing off these brilliant Road Kill plush toys that come with their own body bag and death certificate. Remember those martian popping toys? One of the eyeballs of these plushies pops out like that original squish toy. With the popularity of Dexter and vampire TV shows every hour, Road Kill toys have hit the market at just the right time.   

Pocket God iPad game stats - how many Pigmies have been squashed by angry gods? ToyFairNY #TF12

Pocket God is the #1 selling digital comic game with 13-24 year old guys and the #4 highest selling app at the Apple App Store with over 13 million players and gazillions of sacrificial pigmies (see stats below). News from the Toy Fair is that the company is looking to partner with an experienced toy company to create vinyl figures out of these characters. If you thought Big Little Planet was hot, these toys (when they come out) will be mucho hot products. 
Pocket God Original Figurine
Pocket God Original Figurine (bought)
Bolt Creative is a San Francisco based independent game company and creator of the hit iPhone game “Pocket God”.  “Pocket God” has sold over 6.5 million units and is spreading to other platforms, such as Android, iPad and Facebook. Our goal is to create quality games that are fun to play, are fun to develop and make us laugh.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Disney store pulls Joy Division Mickey Mouse mashup tee shirt - Boing Boing (! got mine today)

Disney store offers, then pulls, Mickey t-shirt based on iconic Joy Division album cover - Boing Boing:

The Disney Store is now offering was, until January 25th, selling a new t-shirt design based on the iconic Joy Division "Unknown Pleasures" album cover, with Mickey Mouse's face inserted in those wavy lines. From Manchester to Mousechester!
My copy came in the mail today. I'm pretty sure it's not original as I expect the real Disney shirt to have the logo on the shirt label. But for an instant meme, and a funny shirt, it's worth it. It will be reprinted at print-on-demand stores as this article goes to press.
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Two New “Mirror Mirror” Movie Posters Released Julia Roberts & Lily Collins | Disney Dreaming

Two New “Mirror Mirror” Movie Posters Released | Disney Dreaming:

MemeMovie posters: Technoviking is the star of a viral video - Meme posters | mememovieposters


Technoviking is the star of a viral video from Berlin’s annual techno event known as the “F**kparade” from July of 2000. The video features an unruly man shoving a woman before being grabbed by a shirtless man with a beard who pushes him away. The shirtless man is then handed a water bottle before walking down the street dancing to techno music.

Here's the original video that inspired the meme and hence inpsiring this poster

Visit mememovieposters to see two dozen Meme Poster designs and explore the original memes

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Hey Girl, Foursquare Ryan Gosling Memes Should Be on Your Radar:
The “Hey Girl” meme, featuring actor Ryan Gosling, now comes in a new social media-infused flavor — Foursquare — after being on the market in other iterations since 2008.
Using Google+‘s new meme generator, Nicole Buergers from 4sqday created 14 new flirtatious “Hey Girl” memes that put a twist on common Foursquare terms and phrases on top of various photos of Gosling.
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