Thursday, December 8, 2011

$7.19 ! Amazon’s 4 GB Class 10 Memory Card on sale until Dec.25 | Gadgets & Technology | geekGLOSS

Just Bought: Amazon’s 4 GB Class 10 Memory Card on sale for $6.99! | Gadgets & Technology | geekGLOSS: The price is now $7.19 - still the best deal for computer memory
AmazonBasics SDHC Class 10 4 GB Secure Digital Card


Time to stock up on photo supplies during the killer Holiday sales.
And then there was AmazonBasics. Never heard of it 'till now. Just plain awesome - good stuff cheap. Specializing in audio/visual cables, memory cards (like these AmazonBasics brand chips), android tablet computer accessories and more for smart phones, cameras and GPS devices. The best prices and Amazon's huge stock of products, with free, 2-day delivery with Amazon Prime subscription.
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