Friday, November 11, 2011

Free Giveaway - Real Steel movie robot Role Playing Games (RPG) Contest

To promote the new Real Steel movie Role Playing Games, we're giving away one set of original Real Steel promotional stickers and a set of temporary tattoos produced by Dreamworks. One more promotional item is included for the single winner takes all. Prize winner will be selected based on the number of points for valid entries. 
Real Steel robot Atom poster memorabilia

Use the entry box, below

Step 1 (+4 points): Use the link in the contest entry box below to
browse through the Real Steel Battle Champions RPG article. Enter once per day (required).

+ Write the name your favorite role playing game in the space provided. Leaving your email address is optional, use (your email is private - only used to contact the winner if we don't have your twitter name).
  • Built for Battle Set = Battle Champions game (Rock 'em Sock 'em Style)
  • WRB Main Event Ring Playset (Boxing ring for action figures)
  • Build and Brawl Carrying Case = Build-n-Battle
  • Real Steel Game for Android phones and Apple iPad
  • Real Steel Game for Sony Playstation PS3
  • Real Steel Game for Microsoft Xbox 360 and Xbox Live
Step 2 (+2 points) "Tweet about the contest" with the button. Optional - Enter once per day

Step 3 (+5 points) Facebook "like" the article. Optional - Enter only once

Step 4 Enter again tomorrow!

The best toys for boys this Holiday season:

Play sets for the amazing Real Steel robot toys with two kinds of boxing stadiums, and the Real Steel Game for PS3 and Xbox 360 video game consoles.

Prize: Thick plastic stickers in a clear cellophane envelope. 25 in all.

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