Saturday, August 13, 2011

Matchbook cover collecting

Part of the matchbook cover collection at dotpattern - the digital museum of collecting, featuring transportation matchbooks from 1950s in the United States.

See more matchbook collections including feature packs (printed match sticks) and contours with die-cut edges. Learn about hundreds of matchbook collecting topics and find plastic sleeves or pocket pages to store and protect your collection of vintage ephemera.

See the current exhibit of pin up matchbook covers, and visit again for future exhibits of casino match covers, matchbook printing companies samples and a wide selection of motel and restaurant matches.
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tacony-palmyra bridge matchcover
transportation matchbook covers

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Inexpensive poster art frames - toploaders

Poster frames: Use clear-plastic top loaders as a frame for vintage posters, concert gig posters, lobby cards, signage and any large artwork, from 11 x 17" all the way up to 29 x 43" (73 x 109 cm).
29 x 43 toploader

Insert two posters back-to-back and frame two posters at once. Then, flip the toploader over to display one side or the other. Some collectors drill holes in the margin at the top corners of the toploader and then hang several posters on the wall. Then, it's easy to rotate the display of your favorite posters.

29 x 43 Poster Holders / Frames
Display large posters in high-quality plastic toploaders
by Ultra Pro. Made with 16 mil. acid-free plastic to protect posters and art; or display anything from product promotions, maps, fabric or announcements.

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