Monday, August 8, 2011

Butterfly Patterns: International photographs | RedGage

Colorful Lepidoptera on RedGage: Butterflies and Moths
Balancing on the petal: kreationsbykerri

Interesting colors
The monarch butterfly is common in the northeastern United States. Looking through the images at RedGage reveals hundreds of unique, rare and beautiful species. See a sample of butterfly and moth pictures from an international group of photographers.
"A collection of butterflies and moths from many authors on RedGage, representing butterfly species from all over the world."


Spotted lepidoptera

Question Mark Butterfly

More great photographs
See more at

collection includes eight original 13-star flags known to exist from the era of the country's founding - :

Planting the flag with a collector's passion - ::

"Zaricor, who began with two Canadian flags in 1970, was interested in not new flags but the history of individual flags, which had to have a story that could be proven true.

'I never even told anybody outside the family I was collecting flags until about 25 years into it,' he says. 'I always picked them up from yard sales or estate sales. There was never a day when I said, 'OK, today I'm going out flag hunting.' '"

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