Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Marilyn Monroe product deal flirts with $50 million figure - NYPOST.com

Marilyn Monroe product deal flirts with $50 million figure - NYPOST.com:
Jamie Salter, who already owns the rights to reggae legend Bob Marley, bought the rights to Marilyn Monroe. He’s planning to develop products inspired by her likeness.
Jamie Salter, who already owns the rights to reggae 
 legend Bob Marley, bought the rights to Marilyn Monroe.
He’s planning to develop products inspired by her likeness.

"Jamie Salter of Authentic Brands Group, which partnered with media company NECA to acquire the Marilyn Monroe estate. 'We're not really interested in the trinkets and trash,' Salter told The Post. 'Don't get me wrong, it's a good business -- calendars, posters and shot glasses -- but that's not what we want to do with Marilyn Monroe.'"

It's too early to say what Marilyn-branded clothing will look like, except that it will be "elegant, elegant, elegant -- and size doesn't matter," Salter said.

Movie excerpt: Alleged Marilyn Monroe Porn Film - Is it her?

Alleged Marilyn Monroe Porn Film Slated for Auction - The Hollywood Reporter:
Marilyn Monroe
"BUENOS AIRES – One of the only two known copies of an alleged porn short film starring a yet unknown Marilyn Monroe will be offered at auction in Buenos Aires ... The starting price for the short film -- available at the Buenos Aires Film Collecting Fair in Aug. -- is $500,000."

Caution: 30 seconds of commercials for this nice 43 second movie excerpt

Back then, controversy sparked over whether it was Monroe who appeared masturbating and having sex with an unknown man. At the conference, Barsa mentioned documents from the FBI investigating the origin of the film, and a set of jewelry worn by Monroe in the film that is the same as what she wore on other films and photos she did around that time.
Barsa explained how an American officer took these films to France, where they remained stored and forgotten for decades in an antique shop in Paris, until two Spanish collectors unknowingly bought them together with other films, and later discovered the great resemblance of the film’s star with Norma Jean Baker.
Spain's memorabilia collector Mikel Barsa speaks during an interview with the Associated Pres...

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Real life "Valkyrie" - Rare WWII Wound Badges from assassination of the "evil one"

"In the collecting world one of the most elusive of all collectables is a German wound badge dated '20 July 1944.' As a rule, German wound badges were not dated, however, a run of about a hundred badges were made with this and a facsimile of Hitler's signature on the obverse. This run was made for him to award to the soldiers wounded in this closest to successful attempt on his life. I guess the intent was to reward those who were loyal and willing to continue to stand, quite literally, close to Hitler. I like to think of it as a commemorative to the 'so close' attempt on his life.

This nearly successful assassination of the evil one was refreshed to the general population in the recent film 'Valkyrie' starring Tom Cruise. Although the attempt failed, it was such a large scale endeavor it could not be covered up. This should have been a wakeup call for all of German to rise up and stop the madness, but it was not. Furthermore the paranoid witch hunt that followed probably eliminated any other organized plans in their infancy."

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