Monday, June 6, 2011

WorthPoint Launches Collector Forums

WorthPoint Launches Collector Forums:

Roman ForumRoman Forum by MarcelGermain via Flickr
"WorthPoint Forums provide both free and paid members with access to expert opinion and debates regarding the most topical issues in the world of collecting."

Unlike other antique and art forums on the Internet, the WorthPoint Forums are integrated with the company’s vast price guide, Worthopedia™, which contains more than 90 million items. This encourages discussions that are item specific but range across a wide array of collectibles.

“We’ve built up a useful compendium of price data and related information through Worthopedia but wanted to extend what we provide by embracing what collectors and consumers have to say about their items; friends’ items; their likes, dislikes and so forth.

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World time lighthouse clock | LOT #947 -

Lot Image
[Made in] Germany, very rare example, a unique design, features world time clocks as windmill blades, ..., sculpted wave base painted in blue, an all original piece. 21 1/2' h[eight]." From the Bertoia Auction house sale ending June 11, 2011.
Lot Image
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Die-cast Toy Cars: DENT 1934 CHRYSLER AIRFLOW | Bertoia Auctions Lot #391

Lot Image
Cast iron, orange body and black chassis, also came in smaller size, beautiful casting design, very rare example. Ex. Bob Brady Collection. 6 1/2' long". Estimate: 1,000.00 - 1,200.00

The "Toys with Character" auction at Bertoia ends June 11, 2011

Unusual Collections: American Pencil Collectors Society meeting | The Holland, MI Sentinel

Collectors show off wooden wares at American Pencil Collectors Society meeting - Holland, MI - The Holland Sentinel:
Pencil Show 2.jpg
"To be collectable, a modern pencil must have a full eraser and be unsharpened, Horsting said. Antique pencils bear different hallmarks of their age. For instance, those made in the 1850s have no eraser, and a square lead, a byproduct of making the pencils by hand. It’s a cheap hobby, with most pencils often going from 5 cents to 25 cents each.

Two pencils manufactured by the family of “Walden” author Henry David Thoreau once went at an auction for $1,800, said collector Tye Arnold."

Speedy Alka Seltzer - collection of Randy Jones |

Speedy Alka Seltzer

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