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Movie, TV and pop culture collectibles |

Movie, TV and pop culture collectibles |
"Historical collector and owner Joe Maddelena joins us live via satellite to talk about the intricate world of collecting showbiz and pop culture memorabilia, including science fiction and fantasy props and costumes."

Baseball cards: Legal issues of collecting | cardboardconnection.coom

Law of Cards:
2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Box
"Baseball cards, in fact all trading cards, are rich in legal issues. The card designs, the photographs of players, and the order and arrangement of the data on the back of the card are all protected by copyright law. The company and product names, the organizations associated with the cards (e.g., MLB, MLBPA, CLC, etc.), and the team names are subject to trademark protection. Players’ uniforms are protected by trade dress (a variation of trademark). There are also rights in players’ likenesses."

What’s not so well known is that with patents, copyrights, trademarks and lawsuits, a lot of information behind the making of cards is publicly available--if you know where to look for it.

Collecting habit connected to Creativity | Psychology Today

Mujer (Joan Miró, 1983)Image via Wikipedia
The Collection Connection to Creativity | Psychology Today:

... "collecting exercises a number of important mental tools necessary for creative thinking. The collector learns to observe acutely, to make fine distinctions and comparisons, to recognize patterns within her collection. These patterns include not only the elements that make up the collection, but the gaps in it as well."

It is a poorly recognized fact that many creative people are collectors. Scientist Charles Darwin became interested in studying nature when he became a collector of bugs. David M. Lee, a Nobel laureate in Physics not only collected bugs but also railway time tables and meteorological charts. Novelist Vladimir Nabokov was a passionate collector of butterflies. Nobel laureate (Literature) Giorgos Seferis collected sea shells. Artist Joan Miró collected siurells, clay whistles from Mallorca, Spain.

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Tramp Charlie Chaplin Original Title Card movie poster 1915 - ORIGINAL Movie Posters |

Tramp Charlie Chaplin Original Title Card movie poster 1915 : VINTAGE Movie Posters - Celebrity AUTOGRAPHS - ORIGINAL Movie Posters - SPORTS Memorabilia

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Nimbus Frames Protect Nimble Collectibles | Independent Retailer

Nimbus Frames Protect Nimble Collectibles | Independent Retailer:
"20 percent of Americans collect some item or other. Whether a collector of stamps, coins, medals, banknotes or other objects, the primary duty of a collector is to safeguard the objects that may have monetary, personal or cultural significance. A collector’s passion is to collect objects and preserve or enhance a collectible’s value, while frequently finding joy in showing it off."

The Nimbus Frame, Lindner’s newest display and storage product, was originally conceptualized as a jewelry display, but quickly proved its worth in storing and protecting almost any collection. Patterson details the collection system, saying, “The design is a pressed wood frame that comes in eight sizes and shapes, each held together with the magnetic closure.” The selling point of the collection system, however, is its silicone membrane screen, holding the collectible in place. As Lindner’s website describes these screens, “The special feature of these frames are two transparent, flexible silicone membranes, which surround your exhibition items softly and create the impression that they levitate inside the frame.”

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Jutebox & Regina disc players + more @ auction June 18 + June 24-25 in North Carolina | PRLog

The living estate of Mr. Brady C. Jefcoat will be sold June 18 and June 24-25 in North Carolina | PRLog:
1941 Wurlitzer Model 750 jukebox
"Mr. Jefcoat, 95, began his collection in earnest in 1972 ... His main passion is music machines, to include rare and vintage phonographs (many with horns), Regina disc players and players by other makers, jukeboxes, Victrolas, cylinder boxes, organs, band boxes, coin-operated items, Black Forest cuckoo clocks, hanging oil lamps and many other items in a variety of collecting genres."

Hundreds of rare and prized items from the living estate of Brady C. Jefcoat – a collector so dedicated and renowned a museum bearing his name exists in Murfreesboro, N.C. – will be sold on Saturday, June 18, in the showroom of Winstead’s Auction Company, then again June 24-25 in an on-site auction at the Jefcoat residence in Raleigh, N.C.

Edison Bell Electrotone German Excelsior reproducer/talking machine with cupids on all sides and a huge horn; a rare Class M battery-operated phonograph; and an Edison Triumph #66907 with Cygnet horn and original gold paint. Other phonographs will include an oak case Edison Model M spring-model reproducer with 5-inch Mandrel, oak Cygnet horn and Music Master label (plus tag from Theo F. Bentel & Co.); an Edison Model A Oxidized Bronze reproducer (serial #4484), type SM, with 21-inch mahogany Cygnet horn; and an Edison Model B reproducer with two- and four-minute gearing.

This sale will include an upright coin-op 27-inch Regina Corona disc player with the original finish, automatic changer, double comb box and 12 discs; a coin-op oak Regina 27-inch disc player with fancy carvings, 12 automatic changer; an oak coin-op bow-front Regina 12-disc changer; and a rare coin-op oak upright Regina Hexaphone with six interchangeable cylinders.

[A] German-made grandfather clock with a built-in Schultz-Marke 12-inch disc player. The other is an oak hall tree with weight-driven clock, beveled mirrors, swinging pendulum and beveled glass. Also sold will be an RCA Victor “Nipper” the mascot dog (3 feet tall) with a speaker in his belly. ... a totally restored Wurlitzer Model 750 jukebox; a 24-selection 1948 Wurlitzer Model 1100 jukebox; a coin-op Ristaucrat Model 45-S table jukebox that plays 45 rpm records, and a circa 1950s Seeburg Model 200 Wall-o-Matic table jukebox.

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Largest Movie Memorabilia Collection to be Auctioned : Discovery News

Largest Movie Memorabilia Collection to be Auctioned : Discovery News:
Charlie Chaplin Tramp character signature bowler top hat.

The world's largest collection of movie costumes, props and other Hollywood memorabilia is being auctioned off in a series of sales beginning June 18, according to the dealer Profiles in History. The first previews occur this weekend at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills.

Part two of the Hollywood memorabilia auction series will take place in December. If you enjoy classic films, I highly recommend that you download the free auction catalog PDF file at this page. It's a veritable treasure trove of memorable costumes and moments from film history and the catalog reads like a book.

"The massive 'Debbie Reynolds Collection' will be auctioned off in two separate series. The entire collection contains over 3,500 costumes, 20,000 original photographs, several thousand original movie posters, original costume sketches and hundreds of key props from film history."

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New Poster designs for the Dexter TV show

These are original silk-screened posters for Dexter Season 1 - 5 created by graphic designer Ty Mattson. Another series of posters was created for the online webisodes based on the award-winning TV series from the Showtime cable network. Buy posters and find more information about Dexter and his Dark Passenger. Amplify’d from Michael C. Hall is DEXTER (
Posters for the DEXTER TV Series
Michael Carlisle Hall has enjoyed a long career with gruesome job descriptions, first in the television series "Six Feet Under" as a struggling funeral director, and now in his role as Dexter Morgan, a forensic "blood-splatter analyst" with an gruesome hobby.
Find original posters for Dexter Season 1 - 5, created by artists who are devoted to the series, and buy large advertising posters for the program that appeared on the side of buses and billboards in major urban centers across the country.

Dexter "Early Cuts" Poster

Early cuts is an animated web series that premiered just before Halloween in 2009. Michael Hall does the voice-over for his character in the animation. The producers also worked closely with Showtime to match the visual style and the sound effects of the TV show.

Dexter First Season - Room 103

Dexter Second Edition Room 103 Silk-Screen Print
This First Edition Room 103 Silk-Screen Print extracts an element from Ty Mattson's previous run of the Limited Edition Season 1 design, showing Dexter in the bloodbath crime scene of Room 103.
50 first edition, individually numbered prints personally signed by Ty Mattson

Dexter Season 2 - Second Edition

Dexter Second Edition Season 2 Silk-Screen Print
"I was so inspired that I decided to create one poster design for each season - highlighting the iconic moments from the show... I love how they turned out."

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