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Original posters for the DEXTER TV series

Poster artist Ty Mattson created the silk-screened prints for the Dexter series (one for each season) with images in high-contrast, silhouettes for a bold graphic design. View the artists web page to see tons of photos of the silk-screen process. Cartoon artists created another series of posters based on the 'Early Cuts' animated web series (narrated by Dexter himself: Michael Hall).

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Michael C. Hall is DEXTER: Posters for the TV series on Showtime

Find original posters for Dexter Season 1 - 5, created by artists who are devoted to the series, and buy large advertising posters for the program that appeared on the side of buses and billboards in major urban centers across the country.

To watch Dexter episodes and find more information about Dexter Morgan and the cast of the show, have a look at these other great articles listed in the references below.
The one-of-a-kind Dexter Early Cuts poster features unique illustrations from the exclusive webisode series about Dexter's earliest kills. Measures 23" x 34" and printed with UV-resistant archival inks. Check out the other Early Cuts posters, below.
Ty Mattson created an original 11x14 inch silk-screen poster inspired by the iconic elements of the season.

This First Edition Room 103 Silk-Screen Print extracts an element from Ty Mattson's previous run of the Limited Edition Season 1 design, showing Dexter in the bloodbath crime scene of Room 103.
Ty Mattson created another original poster to commemorate the fifth season of DEXTER, inspired by the episodes of this season including motivational speaker Jordan Chase, Dexter's complicated relationship with Lumen, and Boyd Fowler, the Barrel Girl Killer

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Buying posters at auction: Excellent condition & other grading systems

Buying posters at auction: Excellent condition & other grading systems:

Vintage Auction Paddles
"The most important thing about bidding at an auction is to understand the condition of the object for sale."

So what is allowed on a poster in excellent condition? Three or four minor faults are permitted, including marks on the back of the poster that do not bleed-through to affect the quality of the image. There can be no more than two small tears on the edges, less than a quarter inch long, or one minor hole through the original fold lines. Small creases and wrinkles in the margin are acceptable, and very minor damp stains, mildew, or foxing (for definitions, see below). If any paper is torn off, holes in the margin, or if the image is faded, the poster will be down-graded to Very Good (C7), or less.

Transformation playing cards - illustrated with whimsical pictures

Published in the US - 1895, US Playing Card Co...Image via Wikipedia
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Playing cards from the 19th century with illustrated "pips" and playful images.

Dance Algorithms + Ethnographer of folk dances honored | Armenian Weekly, Bronx, NY

Nevarte Hamparian, Folk Dance Icon, Honored:

The testimonial ... was held at Pashalian Hall of St. Illuminator’s Armenian Cathedral in New York City, a historic destination where the honoree and most of those present had been actively involved for many years.

In it, he congratulated Madame Hamparian, “the well-seasoned dancer, knowledgeable and talented dance instructor, artistic choreographer and leader, ethnographer and collector of folk dances,” and “considered himself fortunate to have had the honor to have ...

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Murderabilia? Items selling online banned in some states -

Executed killer Michael Ross items selling on -
Afghan war rugs 2Image by Neil via Flickr

"'You just shouldn't be able to rob, rape and murder and turn around and make a buck from it,' Kahan said, repeating his oft-spoken criticism of the sale of items related to killers or killings.

On the other side of the issue is, where many of Ross' items are being sold and where buyers can get anything from a signed John Wayne Gacy Jr. painting to a locket of Charles Manson's hair."

Shakespeare's first folio: 232 known $6.2 million paid in 2001 |

Robb Reports Features Vintage Movie Posters | Conway's Vintage Treasures: Latest News in Vintage Movie Posters, Autographs for Sale & Sports Memorabilia
Title page of the First Folio, 1623. Copper en...Image via Wikipedia

"Despite the high value placed on them by collectors, First Folios are not particularly rare. West notes that 232 copies exist today in institutions around the world as well as in private libraries. Although each copy was produced on a printing press, no two are exactly identical.

“Each one of the 232 copies is unique, each with its individual history” says West. “One thing that interests me is the provenance, the succession of owners. And it’s not just the individual but also their collective history that is fascinating—for example, when and how the volumes spread around the world. If you handle a book that’s 400 years old, and you think of all its owners and readers, you have a feeling you’re as close as you can get to these people.”"

One o' kind Bride of Frankenstein Vintage Movie Poster #Investments | Conway's Vintage Treasures

Robb Reports Features Vintage Movie Posters | Conway's Vintage Treasures: Latest News in Vintage Movie Posters, Autographs for Sale & Sports Memorabilia:

'Robb Report' (The Global Luxury Source) features article about movie posters . . . Looks like affluent collectors are no longer limiting themselves to million dollar paintings.

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