Sunday, May 15, 2011

Baseball cards: Joe Jackson sold for $199,750 | Robert Edward Auctions

Robert Edward Auctions:
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"This extraordinary card is one of the great prizes that has been locked away for decades in the collection of one of the hobby's great pioneer collectors (who passed away in 2009). It has long been known to exist but has never before been seen publicly or at auction. It is being offered directly by his family. This card is one of vintage-card collecting's greatest highlights. It is also the highlight of an extraordinary complete T210 Old Mill set (Series 1 through 8) that was assembled over a period of many years, and is being offered by series in this auction (with the exception of Joe Jackson and Casey Stengel, which are offered separately)."

Collecting toothbrushes + museum thereof | Dental News

Dental News | Toothbrushes 'perfect for cleaning toilets':
Hertford's 6,000-strong collection of toothbrushes
"There were also people in the survey that oddly admitted to collecting toothbrushes. It may have some way to go as a pastime to overtake more traditional collectable items like stamps or marbles, though the evolution the toothbrush has undergone it could claim to warrant such an activity.

The Hertford Museum holds a collection of 6,000-strong toothbrushes – the largest in the country which dates from the 18th to the late 20th century.

This is not the first time toothbrushes have attracted rather odd headlines either."

Afghan War Rugs: new style of rug pattern designs| Philadelphia Inquirer | 05/15/2011

Koenen Spice War Rug at Nova Art Fair, last dayImage by bkoenen via Flickr
Art: Penn museum offers rugs interwoven with Afghan warfare | Philadelphia Inquirer | 05/15/2011:

"In response to the 10-year Soviet occupation, and to the invasion in 2001 by the United States and its allies, Afghan weavers created a new genre of Oriental carpet, the 'war rug.'

Instead of the traditional flowers and animals, these rugs are decorated with images of military equipment - fighter planes, tanks, assault rifles, bombs, land mines, and bullets, even maimed combatants and civilians."

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$77K Spider Man comic - Twin Cities Pedigree: best-preserved Silver Age collection |

With Only 407 of 6000 Comics Sold So Far, Gary Dahlberg’s Collection Tops $1.38 Million Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors:
Amazing Spider-Man #4 Twin Cities — CGC 9.6 $77,675.00
"The collection includes extensive runs of Marvel, DC Comics, and other publishers from the Silver Age and beyond. And as vintage comics sales expert Rob Larsen has noted in research he has in progress, the collection contains examples for a particularly impressive number of the top Marvel and DC Silver Age keys such as Adventure Comics #247 (first Legion of Super-Heroes), Showcase #4 (first Barry Allen Flash), Showcase #22 (first Hal Jordan Green Lantern), Incredible Hulk #1, Fantastic Four #1, Amazing Fantasy #15, and more."
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