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Book collecting: Indulging in collector's mania | Mansfield News Journal |

Ron Simon: Pardon me while I indulge my collector's mania | Mansfield News Journal |
[[Long article about the pitfalls and triumphs of collecting (Civil War) books for 20 years+]]

Rare booksImage by Amelia-Jane via Flickr

"... something unexpected always pops up. That's the beauty of book collecting.

Books on local history from Maine to California are worth a look, as are books about the rivers of the world, the lakes and the mountains. I recently found a neat book on West Coast volcanoes from Canada to California.

Sometimes it's a good idea to cruise through my books, read and reread, to make sure I'm not duplicating a subject. There have been a number of neat books written about the Ohio, Mississippi and Missouri rivers, but do I need another?"

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Antique fishing lures: Collectors book 1840 - 1940 | Review - World War Museum Artificats

ANTIQUE FISHING LURES $$$ Collectors BOOK 1840 - 1940 for Sale - World War Museum Artificats:

creative fishing lure, hand made from wood and...Image via Wikipedia

"the most complete and convenient single volume available today: Fishing Lure Collectibles, An Encyclopedia of the Early Years, 1840 to 1940."
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Victorian Collection Curio cabinets; Book review - The Independent

Magpies, Squirrels and Thieves: How the Victorians Collected the World, By Jacqueline Yallop - Reviews, Books - The Independent:
Magpies, Squirrels and Thieves
"Many [museum holdings] were acquired during the Victorian era, when pioneering collectors of all kinds would spend decades obsessively pursuing everything from samurai swords to dinosaur bones. In this scholarly yet diverting account, Yallop delves into the 19th-century craze by scrutinising the careers of five wildly different collectors."

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Collection of curios: Veteran Pop artist Peter Blake exhibit in Bath, UK | 'junk' is his inspiration - The Independent

Inside the jumbled mind of Peter Blake - News, Art - The Independent:
Sir Peter Blake surrounded by some of his collection in his London studio
"Peter Blake began collecting as a 14-year-old when he went to Gravesend Art School. 'I realised I was going there with no cultural history at all, so for the very first time I went into a junk shop and I bought a papier ma ché tray, a painting of the Queen Mary [featured in the 1982 collage], and a set of Shakespeare. I've been going to them ever since.'"

Speaking at his studio in west London, Blake gave a flavour of what people can expect. There will be a 5ft-tall ceremonial Indian elephant at the studio entrance that he bought half price from a Mayfair dealer. On a nearby table are six bowling balls, some china figures, miniature portraits and two undistinguished paintings of a house that have just arrived from a nearby auction house. "I go most weeks and leave a bid," Blake said. "And this is what I got this time."
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6 - 15 million Americans are hoarders - | St. Paul and Minneapolis

The 'dirty little secret' of hoarding fills their father's house to rafters -
"Researchers estimate that anywhere from 6 million to 15 million Americans are hoarders, people who compulsively collect stuff — from store-bought items to garbage to animals — and have extreme difficulty parting with it.

The recent run of shows like 'Hoarders' on A&E, 'Hoarding: Buried Alive' on TLC and 'Confessions: Animal Hoarding' on Animal Planet have brought the disorder into the open"

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Lunchtime w/ Pillsbury Doughboy: Joan Thompson has a collection - The Villages Daily Sun: Villages

Joan Thompson has a collection featuring the Pillsbury Doughboy - The Villages Daily Sun: Villages:
"On Mother’s Day back in the early 1970s, one of Joan Thompson’s children gave her a set of three pudgy characters. Before she knew it, Thompson had a rising gathering of the Pillsbury Doughboy. “Everybody has Precious Moments (figurines),” Thompson said. “I like being different.” She has more than 100 pieces on display throughout her home."

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6 million beer bottles turned into castle + more about beer |

6 million beer bottles turned into castle |

57-year-old Tito Ingenieri, has spent the past 21 years collecting beer bottles and cementing them in place. He says he's used more than six million beer bottles in his beer-bottle castle. Nearly everything in the castle is made from something recycled.''
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