Monday, May 2, 2011

Collecting board games: 165 monopoly games : ABC television program Collectors - Newcastle Herald

Collector is first to pass Go for new season - Topics - Newcastle Herald:
"‘‘For at least the first eight years I hardly told anyone I collected Monopoly sets because I thought it was a little bit weird,’’ Mrs Williams said.

She has now embraced her hobby and her favourite Monopoly set is one made for the blind, which was printed entirely in Braille."

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Collecting mid-century modern industrial & furniture design | Collector's Eye -

George Kravis: He Rescues Mowers, Toasters for Museums | Collector's Eye -
"The 72-year-old design collector from Tulsa, Okla., sees the mower, complete with a light bulb for midnight grass cutting, as a piece of sculpture. Finding the art in good design and the value in everyday objects has been a passion of Mr. Kravis's since the 1960s, when he started collecting items such as midcentury modern furniture, streamlined toasters and space-age cocktail tools."

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New Yorker cartoonists: Character sketches April 28, 2011 for #Fiat500 in NYC

Fiat Gallery Open For Public in Soho District in New York May 1st | 
New Fiat Cabrio at the Fiat Gallery in the Soho District in New York. The Gallery is being held at 18 Wooster St., which is right in the heart of Manhattan’s arts and fashion district so our little Fiat 500 vehicles fit right in. [[The old Deitsch gallery garage space]]

Danny Shanahan and Emily Flake


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Argus Camera: 10th annual International Gathering May 13 to 15 : Greensboro, NC

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Argus camera collectors find kinship here : : Greensboro
Local collector Ron Norwood will host the Argus Collectors Group

"Argus basically made about 100 cameras but these had variations, which sent the numbers higher. Norwood has about 200 in his main collection.

He met Doug Wilcox, who displayed his collection of 2,000 to 3,000 cameras in his Dyno Tees store in Martinsville, Va. The two started the Virginia-Carolina Classic Camera Collectors, which meets monthly.

“One year, we decided to invite all the Argus camera collectors to come to Martinsville for a day,” Norwood said. An invitation for collectors from North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina and Maryland was issued on the Argus Collectors Group Internet network.

“Much to our surprise, the night before, a carload of guys came walking in from Massachusetts,” Norwood said. “Another car comes in from Vermont and another from New York.

“We found out people were interested. Argus collectors from all over got interested because nobody else was doing it, and it has continued.”"

Collecting, repairing music-makers: Regina Corona Music Box disc changer -

Nashuan has spent life collecting, repairing music-makers -
"Ed Everett, a lifelong collector and restorer of antique music machines, shows one of the large music discs that play on the 1890's Regina Corona music box disc changer he restored and recently sent to auction."

Regina Corona Music Box disc changer, the wheel morphs into a veritable orchestra...

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