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Billings MT historical postcard collection -> Arcadia Publishing’s Postcard History Series + Postcard News items

Image : Reich's collection travels back in time

Across the street in front of the Western Heritage Center, Reich notices the rectangle granite block curbing from the original paving of Montana Avenue.

Reich grew up in Oregon and didn’t move to Billings until 1985.
But, once here, he embraced local history with a passion, collecting hundreds of postcards of early Billings as well as other bits of historical memorabilia.

Gems of his extensive collection will be on display at the Yellowstone County Museum starting April 29.
The link between Billings and the postcard is a natural one, Reich says in the introduction to his book “Billings,” part of the Arcadia Publishing’s Postcard History Series.

As Billings came of age during the early 20th century, postcards were in their heyday.
Reich bought his first postcard — a sepia-toned 1909 photograph of the Rimrocks across the Yellowstone River from Billings turned into a postcard — at Huff’s Antique show.

Collecting decoys in Westminster, Maryland > East Coast Decoy Collectors Club

Carroll Outdoors: Went for the decoys and found people - Carroll County Times: Andy Aughenbaugh:
"Decoys of Dorchester County opened on April 9 and is an exhibit gathering from the personal collections of East Coast Decoy Collectors Club members as well as some from the CBMM permanent collection. In addition to the opening of the special display, collectors were gathering in town for a sale/swamp meet at the Best Western in St. Michaels. I went to report on the extraordinary decoys and their rich history, but I came away from St. Michaels with a renewed interest in small towns and the unique people who call them home."

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Green-Winged Teal Duck Decoy     Green-Winged Teal Duck Decoy
Images by Dr.DeNo via Flickr

Comic book Collecting > Kids learn faster when reading comic books

Collectors, kids find comic relief | The Clarion-Ledger |
Dale Griffin sets out new arrivals at Heros and Dreams: Comics and Collectibles on Lakeland Drive in Flowoood.
"And there is another reason she doesn't complain: The Pattons are certain that reading comic books has increased their two daughters' vocabulary, comprehension and love of books.

'I remember when (11-year-old) Amiyah was in third or fourth grade, and she brought home these vocabulary tests she had taken,' Shayla Patton says. 'One of the words she had defined correctly was 'comrade.' I was pretty impressed. I said, 'How did you know that?' She said, 'I remember seeing that word in a Batman comic book and asking Daddy what it meant. He explained that Batman and Robin were comrades.' There is no doubt, comic books have opened up the world of reading for them.'

Jay Long, owner of Heroes and Dreams: Comics and Collectibles in Flowood, says he frequently hears similar stories: 'Comic books offer one of the best ways for a child to learn to read because one half of the brain grabs the artwork and the other half grabs the words and story. It's a full reading experience.'"

A new Masquerade (book) > Google Earth's great global treasure hunt >>

Google Earth at the ready! A treasure hunt for the digital age | Mail Online:
The hunt is on: Searchers will need to use Google Earth to unravel the clues
"The Great Global Treasure Hunt On Google Earth is a puzzle book filled with cryptic clues and puzzles woven into drawings and text that its publisher Carlton Books describes as 'ferociously complicated'.

The hunt is on: Searchers will need to use Google Earth to unravel the clues

The book, which was unveiled at the London Book Fair and will be launched on September 1, will lead the treasure-hunters to places on Google's online map, Google Earth."

Cricket Books: The Wisden Collector's Guide + Wisden / Cricket News items

Cricket Web - Cricket Books: The Wisden Collector's Guide:

The Wisden Collector
The Wisden Collector's Guide
hardcover $39.95

"There is a section in Part 3 headed 'My Uncle's Wisdens'. This concerns an incident a few years ago when a collector, disenchanted with an experience with a dealer, put a spoof lot up for sale on ebay. It was given the appearance of a veritable Aladdin's Cave of a collection, comprising more than 500 volumes with heavy duplication of many of the rarest editions. The accompanying description gave the impression that the lady vendor had no real clue as to the extent of the treasure trove that she had just inherited."

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Hat collection from around the world on display (see + #Hat news

Stacey Miller's hat collection is in demand | Democrat and Chronicle |
Stacey Miller sits in the middle of her hat collection from around the world. Miller has more than 900 hats in her Mendon home.
"These are no ordinary hats.

Instead, you'll find Burmese chieftain hats decorated with boar tusks, hats from Afghanistan covered with beads and turquoise stones, a Native American deer dance headdress, a 'mystery' gourd hat covered in leather and animal horns and shells, a hat from the African country of Lesotho (a country that displays a hat on its flag), an Indonesian head hunter's hat, Amazonian hats spiked with feathers and embroidered Chinese caps with scary faces worn to ward off evil.

And this is no ordinary collector; the hats are simply prelude to travel stories and lessons in history, geography and anthropology."

She recently completed her website,

bergdorf exhibit hat horizons

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Posters of medical products - exhibit at Philadelphia Art Museum

Art: Medical posters that are aesthetic, effective | Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/17/2011:

"'Health for Sale' at the Philadelphia Museum of Art both timely and historically fascinating; that it's also a cornucopia of graphic imagination is a bonus.

This exhibition of more than 50 vintage posters that promote medical products and address public-health issues was drawn from the museum's William H. Helfand collection, itself a subset of the museum's incomparable Ars Medica collection of more than 3,000 works of medical art.

Helfand, a retired pharmaceutical executive, has been an indefatigable collector of medical prints, posters, and related ephemera for more than 55 years."

16th Century Maps overlay at Google maps + Rough Guide to everything

The historical Rough Guide to everywhere: 16th century book mapping major cities is reprinted | Mail Online:
London: The Tower of London can be see in the east of the city while the lack of development south of the Thames, which has only one bridge, is also obvious

The course of the Thames is all that remains the same as the city has expanded south of the river
"The reprinted book contains bird's eye view maps of every major European city at the time, as well as maps from cities in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The maps are part of a complete reprint of the 363 colour plates designed by Franz Hogenberg and annotated by Geog Braun - both renowned geographers and cartographers."

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