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Titanic Strikes Iceburg ! 99 years ago | stories & important dates + Building the Titanic #Squidoo

The Building of the Titanic - Topics in Chronicling America (Newspaper and Current Periodical Reading Room, Library of Congress):
File:En size titanic.svg
"Important Dates:

• 1908: Construction of Olympic and its sister ship Titanic announced. Olympic will be completed first.
• March 31, 1909: Construction on Titanic begins.
• May 31, 1911: Titanic is launched, engines and interior have not yet been installed.
• March 31, 1912: Titanic construction is completed.
• April 10, 1912: Titanic begins its maiden voyage."

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Scotland Auction April 15 : Moffat antique collector to sell collections - Dumfries and Galloway Standard

Moffat antique collector to sell of some of his collections - Dumfries and Galloway Standard:

"Colin Stokes who has lived in Archbank House in the Upper Annandale town for the past 10 years has decided to sell-off an eclectic collection which spans five centuries.

He has spent a lifetime visiting auctions acquiring treasures but says that they are overwhelming the home and he has chosen to go to auction.

His collection mirrors his interest in weaving, music, carving and textiles.
The house is dotted with carvings including a large model of a winged angel.
Collectors have expressed keen interest in the 25 spinning wheels collected by Colin over the years with the earliest dating to the 18th Century. Varying in style, they trace the development of the spinning wheel and include a number from Scotland. Of particular note is one from Kirkowen Mill, Wigtown, and there are also a number from the Islands.
A Bluthner Grand piano and two harps will be in the sale.
There is also a large collection of 36 lots of Victorian beadwork displayed throughout Archbank, including a fine Victorian beadwork fire screen as well as panels and tea cosies. The house also contains a good quality Victorian gothic nine-train musical tube clock as well as a fine cloisonné decorated mantle clock.
Visit to view the catalogue.
Thomson Roddick Scottish Auctions will conduct the sale of 501 lots, to be followed by a large selection of outside effects, at the country house on Saturday, April 16, at 11am. And there has already been huge interest according to auctioneer Sybelle Thomson. She says that since the sale was announced this week, the Dumfries offices have been inundated with enquiries from across the UK and abroad. A lot of internet bidder interest is expected for the sale with all items to go on view on Friday, April 15, from 10am to 4pm."

Milk bottle collector WON'T sell his £80k hoard + milk bottle stories

Milk bottle collector Steve Wheeler on why he WON'T sell his £80k hoard | Mail Online:
Bottled up: Collector Steve proudly shows off his 17,000-strong bottle hoard, which has taken him 30 years to build up
"His 14-tonne collection is now so large that it doesn't fit in his home, but he still flatly turned down an offer of £80,000 for the bottles from a fellow enthusiast.

Steve, 61, said: 'I found my first glass milk bottle on the side of a hill I had climbed in the mid 1980s.

'It was an unusual shape and I decided to keep it - and I haven't stopped collecting since then.

'The milk bottles are all completely individual - there's a fascinating history behind each and every one.

'They're becoming more important in terms of social history, because everyone just gets their milk in plastic or cardboard containers these days.

'When I got to 150 bottles I thought it was getting out of control - but that was nothing compared to what I have now."

Graffiti (Urban Art) Charity Auction nets £13,320 Banksy + more #graffiti

Teen Organizes Urban Art Auction For Children's Charity:
"For Wednesday's highly-anticipated show, Patel has picked 25 exceptional works by innovative graffiti artists, street-art stars, and mixed-media masters, including Schoony, Matt Small, and Nick Gentry. The best part? All proceeds from these pieces will benefit a local Children’s Hospice, Haven House"

(Update: Patel's lots were sold for £13,320. Click here to view the results).

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