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COLLECT CALLING: Matchbooks spark Worcester man’s love of collecting - Fall River, MA - The Herald News

COLLECT CALLING: Matchbooks spark Worcester man’s love of collecting - Fall River, MA - The Herald News:
"They hang in neatly framed displays on the walls of almost every room, and they meticulously sit in dust-free arrangements on pieces of furniture.

There are also about 5,000 of them jammed into large paper leaf collection bags in the basement.
“What can I say? I’m a collector,” the 65-year-old retiree said.

And matchbooks aren’t the only things Vigneault collects.

The former Kom Tek Inc. employee has doll, baseball card, stamp, coin, magazine, die-cast car, movie memorabilia and other collections."

New grasshopper species found + grasshopper news stories | The Clinton News

New grasshopper species found | | The Clinton News:

 "a July 2009 expedition to catalog the insect life in the unique glades of the Cedars of Lebanon State Park in Tennessee.

'Literally, the first specimen I collected was a new species,' Hill said. 'When I saw it, I knew that it was something good. I've seen a lot of grasshoppers, and it didn't look like any I'd seen before.'

He gave the grasshopper the scientific name Melanoplus ingrami, honoring Wayne 'Buddy' Ingram, an interpretive officer and naturalist at the Cedars of Lebanon State Park."

Wayne County, NY clock museum - Keeping time at Hoffman Clock Museum | Wayne County, NY - Wayne Post

Keeping time at Hoffman Clock Museum - :
"The grand reopening the Hoffman Clock Museum will be held on Saturday, April 9 from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Newark Public Library.

Why the museum is in the news

For the last two months there has been a silence permeating the Hoffman Clock Museum located in the Newark Public Library at 121 High St. There has been a lot of noise from the pounding of hammers and the moving of display cases, but the clocks that make up the heartbeat of the museum have been silenced to allow for extensive remodeling and redesigning of the museum to accommodate the many new clocks that have been purchased or donated and are now on display.

The work is now finished and the museum is once again alive with the sounds of clocks ticking, striking, and chiming.

To celebrate this milestone in the museum’s history, the public is invited to attend the grand reopening, sponsored by the Hoffman Foundation."

Plant hunter searches the world for new specimens + more plant hunter stories

Plant hunter searches the world for new specimens
"Even as a child, Avent, now 53, spent most of his time hiking through woods, studying local wildflowers and collecting odd forms of plants. At age 6, he started ordering plants by mail, never realizing he would someday ship plants to people with the same passion."

Former tax collector collecting cars + classic car news and stories

Former tax collector collecting vehicles:

"Actually, Knowler has been an aficionado of cars since he earned his driver’s license.
“I’d go out in the county with a gallon of gas and search for old cars I could take home and fix up,” he recalled. “I’d spend $15 to $25 and sell them for $50.”"

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Black Market Meteorites >> Response to New York Times + Meteor news items

Meteorite Community Scuffles with New York Times Over Controversial Science Article - The Logical Lizard:
"The recovery of meteorite specimens by commercial outfits has dramatically increased the amount of material available for study. This isn’t my viewpoint, it is a universally recognized fact."

“It’s a black market,” said Ralph P. Harvey, a geologist at Case Western Reserve University who directs the federal search for meteorites in Antarctica. “It’s as organized as any drug trade and just as illegal.”
Not so! Every year in February the whole Meteorite Community descends on Tucson for two weeks.

Vintage Charm Bracelet Collections + Charm bracelet news #Squidoo #Jewellery (via

Sharing My Vintage Charm Bracelet Collections:
"You're invited to browse through some of my collection, many of the photos are linked to its own page on my blog Charmchatter, so click on the picture if you want to read more about the history and story of a bracelet or charm."

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Tuba collector with rare and unusual examples + more Tuba news items | Muncy Luminary

Repasz Band features Muncy native as Tuba Soloist - News, events, information, PA | Muncy Luminary:
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"Peck has made a passion out of collecting, repairing, restoring, adapting, re-engineering, and trading/selling fascinating varieties of tubas from these chapters of Williamsport history. He is a font of experience and information on many antique, historic, or off the beaten path tubas in many keys and configurations. Additionally he enjoys presenting these instruments to the public and also performing on them whenever possible."

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Glass bottle Auction - April 29-May 7 by American Bottle Auctions (

American Bottle Auctions: [[everything you always wanted to know about glass bottles here]]

We'll have this beautiful Mt. Vernon decanter.          What a looker.  I wonder if her name is Brandy?
Hundreds of rare, vintage and highly collectible bottles - to include an amazing offering of blown three-mold inkwells, a great collection of back bar bottles and some excellent Western whiskey bottles and flasks - will change hands in an Internet and catalog auction slated for April 29-May 7 by American Bottle Auctions (

"The American Bottle Picture Gallery is a combination of pictures sent to us from our loyal customers and friends and upcoming auction information, people in the hobby and a host of other things going on in the hobby. It will include new pictures of exciting bottles, bottles coming up for sale in the auctions and lots and lots of color. If you want to send us a picture of a latest find or just send us a picture of something you photographed and found interesting, we’re happy to publish it."

Collecting early bibles in English + more about first Bibles

Bookride: Collecting early bibles in English 2:
"The first versions of the Bible in English were manuscripts created from the 1380s by Dr John Wycliffe (1328 - 84 ), a professor of theology at Oxford University, and his followers. Wycliffe’s main gripe was with the unethical practices of the Church
the Pope exacted a kind of revenge 44 years after his death by ordering his bones to be exhumed, crushed and scattered in the English Channel."

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Fossil collecting fieldtrip ~ Hudson Valley Geologist

Fossil collecting fieldtrip ~ Hudson Valley Geologist:
"A 90 minute scenic drive up through the heart of the Catskills brought us to Gilboa - a locality famous to geologists around the world since it's the site of the first forest we have abundant fossils from in the Middle Devonian Period (~380 million years ago). There is an informative outdoor kiosk off County Route 990V next to the Gilboa Post Office which has some large fossils on display."
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