Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lapel pins from the Russian Space Race >> The Space Pin Collector #Memorabilia

The Space Pin Collector:
Mark Perelman claims his collection of space-related lapel pins -- more than 4,000 of them -- is the largest in North America."Growing up in 1960s Soviet Union, Mark Perelman’s heroes were Yuri Gagarin, Valentina Tereshkova and a dog named Laika. Today he boasts a collection of more than 4,000 lapel pins commemorating a half century of space exploration."
Mark Perelman claims his collection of space-related lapel pins -- more than 4,000 of them -- is the largest in North America. For One in a Million series. Credit Bruce Deachman, The Ottawa Citizen.

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Found Objects: Metro bench + found object stories and articles


"The man who got the idea, Steve Shaheen, started collecting Metrocards and he realized he could recycle them and give them a noble use, so he glued together about 5,000 such Metro cards and obtained an unusual, yet surprisingly comfortable seating. The name of this unusual piece of “furniture” is the Metrobench and the designer was helped by many people from New York city in his attempt to gather 5,000 Metro cards within a week."

Current Farm #Auction - More Red Wing Pottery

Red Wing Pottery sale

Current Bid: 40.00

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Mail Art: Stamp Collecting's Artistic Cousin #mailart

Mail Art: Stamp Collecting's Artistic Cousin:
"One of the finest practitioners of mail art, including examples of altered mail, is Nick Bantock, whose fantasy correspondence between Griffin, a maker of postcards and the mysterious Sabine, a stamp artist, have their story told via their letters and postcards"

Fluxus and dada were movements that produced much mail art, best described as abstract. And then there were individuals like Ray Johnson and Chuck Welch who produced real art on small cards and envelopes that ultimately went on to be hung in museums and sold in galleries.

How hard is it to take part in mail art? Jennie Hinchcliff says it takes up a lot of time, but that she loves every minute of it.

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Dinosaur Collectors: 'Boneheads' Search For T. Rex : NPR

Dinosaur 'Boneheads': One Man's Search For T. Rex : NPR:
Illustration of a T. Rex

"Polsky was there when one of his fossil hunting friends did win the lottery. He was out on a dig with Bob Detrich (aka 'The Fossil King') when they uncovered a T. rex fragment. 'In the T. rex world, when you find a dinosaur, you have the honor of naming it after anyone you want,' Polsky says. Bob decided to name the fossil 'Little Richard' — after his faithful assistant, Richard Polsky.


'Most books on dinosaurs are scientific. They're written by Ph.D.s, and quiet frankly, they're boring. This really told a story — it told their story.'"

Boneheads: My Search for T. Rex

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