Friday, March 25, 2011

Golf ball collection to be given away

Collector giving away 2,500 golf balls -
Photo detail
"On a whim in 1990 Jackson began collecting logo golf balls. He was in a regular group at Bonita Golf Club, and all his friends started collecting for him too. If they found a ball in the bushes and it had a logo, it went to Jackson.

Friends needled him about it. One would joke: “Are you getting a great price for those at the swap meet?”

The Jacksons, who have lived above Mission Valley since 1965, embraced their new hobby. As Don’s collection grew, Betty got him a display rack for Christmas. “What else were we going to do with them?” she said with a laugh.

Two racks became four, and four became seven. There are 700 balls on display in those racks and another 1,800 or so that occupy 11 white buckets that once held chlorine tablets for the Jacksons’ pool."

#Vintage posters auction March 26 > Morton Kuehnert Auction News HOUSTON

Vintage posters take center stage at Morton Kuehnert auction March 26:
Image courtesy of Morton Kuehnert Auctioneers & Appraisers
"HOUSTON – Morton Kuehnert Auctioneers & Appraisers is debuting vintage poster art at its Antiques and Interiors Auction on Saturday, March 26. Approximately 30 lots of 20th-century posters will be on the block in an effort to serve the robust poster collecting community.
LiveAuctioneers will provide Internet live bidding at the auction, which begins at noon Central. The auction is open to the public; also available are absentee and phone bids."

Once-in-a-lifetime Toys and banks Auction: April 14 > Donal Markey Collection of antique toys

Famous collection of antique toys spurs interest in hobby |
Featuring Pressed Steel, Pedal Cars, Cast Iron Toys, Marx Toys, Ephemera, a few more Comic Character Toys and a handful of more surprises. Recognized as the largest automotive toy collection ever assembled. The Donald Kaufman Collection has grossed nearly $11 Million at public auction over the last two years and will certainly be remembered by collectors and toy aficionados for years and years to come. Join us for this final auction which marks the grand finale to a collectors’ legacy. In addition to toys and banks, 19th- and early 20th-century advertising signs and pieces of folk art — paintings, frames, lawn ornaments and other hand-made decorations — that Markey filled his home with will also be for sale.

“Some of these toys in this collection you’ll only see once in your lifetime,” said Saunders-Watson.
“Auction houses put tags on the toys, letting collectors know who owned it before them. It will mean something to have a toy owned by Donal Markey.” (Click image to zoom)

The Donal Markey Collection at Bertoia Auctions
The last offering of toys from the revered Kaufman collection will be auctioned in a 275-lot opening session, followed by a daylong Saturday session containing approximately 650 lots. 

Where: 2141 Demarco Drive, Vineland, NJ
When: Preview for a week starting April 9. Sale Date: April 14 and 15, 2011
What else: Collectors can place bids on the auctioned toys at before the sale, or at during the auction."
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