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The Last Arcade in Chinatown – A Trip To Chinatown Fair « Scouting NY

The Last Arcade in Chinatown – A Trip To Chinatown Fair « Scouting NY

Antique Bottle From 1880s St. Patrick's Day find

Antique Bottle From 1880s Links Dundalk, MD To Dundalk, Ireland - Dundalk, MD Patch

Sala’s find: a sparking tonic glass bottle from late 19th century Ireland—Dundalk, Ireland. The bottle was likely brought over with early Irish immigrants to our Dundalk, founded by Irishman Henry McShane—originally from Dundalk, Ireland, of course.
Sala had the bottle authenticated by the Baltimore Antique Bottle Club before purchasing it from the Squirrel’s Nest for $25. The owners from the Squirrel’s Nest told Sala that the bottle had come from a local family’s estate sale many years ago.

Book Review: The #Glass #Collector

CBBC - Newsround - Book Review: The Glass Collector:
Detail from book jacket- The Glass Collector

"A powerful tale of hardship and adventure set in the rubbish dumps of Cairo, told by Aaron, a 15-year-old boy who makes a living by collecting broken glass and stealing.

Aaron is one of the Zabbaleen, the garbage people who collect rubbish from the streets of Cairo and sort it for recycling."

Flag of Cairo

Stephan Tillmans photographs the instant when the power is turned on to a TV screen.

Stephan Tillmans - artist's portfolio (text auf Deutsch)

(original article via Coudal Partners)

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Imperial Chinese #porcelain: #Meiyintang marvels + surprising prices realized

Imperial Chinese porcelain: Meiyintang marvels | The Economist:
"ON APRIL 7th, as part of its spring season in Hong Kong, Sotheby’s will be selling 77 lots of imperial Chinese porcelain from the Meiyintang collection. The announcement, made last month on the day that the auction house held a record-breaking modernist art sale in London, has attracted little public attention. But to those who follow the market in Chinese artworks, news of the Hong Kong auction was nothing short of a thunderbolt."

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References for #Collecting #Vintage 60's and 70's Posters + #SXSW preview & News

References for Collecting Vintage 60's and 70's Posters

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Stationery collector reaches out to Statesman Journal – Forward This

Stationery collector reaches out to Statesman Journal – Forward This:
“I am writing to various newspapers across the country to request help on my current collection. I am an Autistic person who collects stationery in the form of notecards and letter paper. I am searching to extend my collection and I am collecting stationery from all parts of the country. I will be including my contact information below if anyone in your area is interested in donating stationery to extend my collection. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Elysia Duke.”

Gun enthusiasts connect, do business at semiannual show (03/14/11) Local News: SE Missourian Local News: Gun enthusiasts connect, do business at semiannual show (03/14/11):
"King estimated attendance at this year's show would top 7,000, roughly about the same amount as last year's spring event. About 120 dealers and collectors had exhibits at the show.

Not all the sales at the event were made by those who invested in table space. Visitors are welcome to conduct business on the floor, which Jamie Barber of Frohna, Mo., has become very proficient at doing."

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#SXSW Preview: Flatstock Poster Convention + #Collecting poster references

SXSW Preview: Flatstock Poster Convention - Austinist

References for Collecting Vintage 60's and 70's Posters

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March at Winterthur - furniture museum, garden lecture, antique consultations + related articles

5 things to know about March at Winterthur - Hockessin, DE - The Community News:
"Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library has re-opened its door for the public to explore its gorgeous gardens and attractions.

And as if visiting the beautiful site wasn’t enough, Winterthur is spoiling guests with several events and exhibits in March. Without further ado, here’s five things to know about Winterthur and this month’s events."

History abounds About 60 years ago, collector and horticulturist Henry Francis du Pont (1880–1969) opened his childhood home, Winterthur, to the public. Today, Winterthur is the premier museum of American decorative arts, including a collection of 85,000 objects made or used in America between about 1640 and 1860. The collection is displayed in a 175-room house.


GI*Joe #Collecting - @HASBRO 2011 PREVIEW/REVIEW + GI Joe2 & other #GIJoe news

Big Shiny Robot - HASBRO 2011 PREVIEW/REVIEW: GI*Joe:
"With this preview/review, we’ll take a look at a few upcoming G.I.*Joe figures from Hasbro (due out this Summer) that are a sure to please any avid toy collector or enthusiast alike."

Treasure Hunter’s #Roadshow #Illinois (March 8-12, 2011) #Antique #appraisers

Record Gazette > News:
"From March 8-12 the Treasure Hunter’s Roadshow, an Illinois-based company, set up shop at the Holiday Inn Express in Beaumont. During the five day roadshow, which was free to participate in, several local residents brought their antiques and collectibles to trained appraisers to find out how old the pieces were, where they originated from, and to find out how much they were worth."

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