Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The #Movie #Posters and #Memorabilia Learning Center

The Movie Posters and Memorabilia Learning Center
A free information archive for Movie Posters and Memorabilia collectors. Spend some time here, before spending your money. Knowledge is power. Sell Movie Posters and Memorabilia / buy Movie Posters and Memorabilia / learn about Movie Posters and Memorabilia.

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Most avid royal collectors - TLC Lineup For Royal #Wedding Week April 27 #Royal #Collectors #collecting

TLC Announces Lineup For Royal Wedding Week:
"“Extreme Royal Collections”: Wednesday, April 27 at 10pm

Meet the most avid royal collectors in the world! In the UK, squeeze into Margaret’s home where, after 30 years of non-stop collecting, she lives proudly surrounded by 10,000 plates, cups, spoons, and figurines in an amazing world of regal clutter. In Australia, rub shoulders with rival collectors Janet and Philip, whose house is just as jam-packed. They regularly throw open their doors to tour bus parties for tea and a tour of their royal bounty. And in the US, get a glimpse of the glamorous world of Pat, a high-end collector whose haul of royal collectables includes some of Princess Diana’s dazzling gowns. PRODUCED BY ITV STUDIOS AMERICA"

#Pez Collector’s News - Wiki #collecting

Pez Collector’s News - Wikicollecting

#Matchbox Car #Collection - subtle variation in models

Psychology Professor Analyzes Matchbox Car Collection | The Bell Ringer:
"The Turbo replica is one of the near 10, 000 he has gathered in his collection. He began the collection when he was a child being raised in South Africa, and it was those adolescent times spent rolling the cars back and forth that inspired the life-long hobby.
“My earliest memories had Matchbox cars in them,” Janit said. “I remember my mom taking me to buy them, and since then I haven’t stopped. I still have the first ones, and even though they are opened, and some say that lowers the value on them, but I still consider the ones I played with the most valuable.”"

Wedding Invites, Birth Announcement Cards, Christimas Cards at Hello!Lucky UK

Wedding Invites, Birth Announcement Cards, Christimas Cards at Hello!Lucky UK

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99% Invisible: the truth and lies of maps

99% Invisible: the truth and lies of maps | San Francisco Bay Area News - Crosscurrents from KALW
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