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New APRIL FOOL'S DAY - Make an Offer Day Returns!
BigNews.Biz - Mar 08,2011 - Last year we introduced our April’s Fool’s Day, Make an Offer Day. It was a smash hit, so we are doing it again. This April Fool’s Day we will be accepting offers on our entire inventory of over 4000 extremely rare and high value autographs memorabilia, vintage movie posters, historical and sports memorabilia and other rare vintage treasures we have acquired. BUT, ONLY for 24 hours on April 1.

Latest #trends in postcard #collecting #eBay #zazzle #squidoo

Rinker's Opinion: What are the latest trends in postcard collecting? | Notes From the Lane

Postcard collecting has experienced a minimum of five collecting crazes since its inception. The latest which occurred during the first decade of the 21st century was triggered by eBay. The prices for most postcards have doubled to quadrupled in the last 10 years. In some cases, the percentage increase is even higher. (read full article for more thoughtful insights)

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Carlos Slim - Why Business Moguls Choose Art #collecting

Why Business Moguls Choose Art -
Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim is one of a number of high-powered business executives entrenched in the art world.
Carlos Slim owns a lot of things. As the richest man on the planet, (wikipedia article) he can afford to. But while he may be best known for his massive holdings in several of the world’s largest companies, the Mexican business tycoon is also heavily invested in something else: art.

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77 Book #collecting websites from Comjuice aggregator

Book collecting websites - Website References on book collecting

#Collecting napkins 'Napkin Lady' #collection +35,000 #napkins

'Napkin Lady' trying for Guinness record with collection of more than 35,000 napkins |
Campbell has been collecting paper napkins for 64 of her 69 years, since she received a paper napkin at a friend’s birthday party at age 5. The napkin with the floral design “was too pretty to use.”
Cathy Campbell of Albion shows an original Mickey Mouse paper napkin in her home. Campbell has been collecting napkins since she was 5 and has managed to amass a collection of more than 35,000, and she has not paid for any.

#poll When is it time to stop #collecting? (Never)

Eric Jess » Are you a collector?
Are you a collector?

I don’t like to keep to much, as knowing people that are hoarders, to much stuff has always made me feel overwhelmed and stressed out. When I let things get a little messy, My productivity stops. That doesn’t mean I don’t collect anything though. I admit I have things from my childhood, like little toys, race cars, and shoes, I just will not GIVE UP! But to much is TO MUCH.

I have an aunt, who loves dolls. (Creeps me out too) She has to much! ..........

There needs to be a time, to stop. A time we’re enough is enough. There is a time when you are a “collector” and then turn into a hoarder.

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LOC acquires 6000 historic sports recordings in the Miley #Collection | #collecting

LOC acquires historic sports recordings | Star-Exponent

Dodgers pitcher Sandy Koufax’s first no-hitter in 1962. Boxer Joe Louis’ heavyweight championship fights in 1941. The 1966 game between the Redskins and the Giants with the most combined points scored in an NFL game (113).

Such are the classic sports moments caught on tape that are now part of the audio collection housed at the Library of Congress Packard Campus on Mount Pony.

Collector John Miley of Indiana recently gifted the large collection that includes more than 6,000 radio and television sports recordings from 1920 to 1972. Known in the sporting world as the Miley Collection, the recordings cover every kind of sport imaginable – MLB, NHL, NBA, Olympic events, Indy 500 races, golf, tennis and more.

Among the recordings are two championship fights between Joe Louis, pictured, and Billy Conn.

#Barbie #Doll #Collection and lecture today in North Jersey

An afternoon with an American icon -

New Yorker Carolynn Whitford, known in the Barbie-collecting community as BarbieZania, will be giving a presentation on Barbie and Ken this Saturday at 11 a.m. at the North Arlington, NJ Public Library on Ridge Road. She started collecting Barbie dolls in 1999, and now has between 200 and 300 dolls.

Barbie first made her debut on March 9, 1959 by famous toy company Mattel. Throughout the years, Barbie has been an airline stewardess, ballerina, astronaut and politican—and that doesn't include her informal wear.

"I don't think being a collector is about how many you have," Whitford said. "You don't have to go after the most expensive or the most limited. You collect what you like."

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