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Show features #American #Indian #artifacts |

Show features American Indian artifacts |

If you want to step back in time and learn a little bit about Western North Carolina’s history, the seventh annual (American) Indian Artifact Show is the place to go.
On March 27, collectors from all over the Southeast will display their artifacts at Lelia Patterson Center in Fletcher.

#tattoo #Collecting museum shop in Winston/Salem, MA

The Tattoo Archive, studio honors the art of the skin |
His Fourth Street storefront, The Tattoo Archive, is part museum, part studio and is without a doubt one of the coolest ways you can spend an afternoon in Downtown Winston-Salem. Whether you're covered in more ink than the carpet at Kinko's or the closest you've come to a tattoo was writing "Buy milk" on the back of your hand, you'll still appreciate Eldridge's passion for the needle-powered art form and his knowledge of the artists who have — literally — left their indelible marks on history.
The walls, shelves and hallways of his shop are covered in paintings and posters, antiques, and one-of-a-kind artifacts, but the earliest pieces of his collection are kept in a more … permanent location. "This all started with the tattoos I wear," Eldridge said. "A sailing ship was my first tattoo, when I joined the Navy."

Coin #Rarities & Related Topics: What are Auction Prices? #collecting

Coin Rarities & Related Topics: What are Auction Prices? | CoinWeek

News and Analysis on scarce coins, coin markets, and the coin collecting

Philippe Garner interview | 20th Century Decorative Art and Design | Christie's #furniture #design #collecting

The Interview with Philippe Garner | 20th Century Decorative Art and Design | Interview | Christie's
When Philippe Garner started collecting, in his early 20s, he was drawn to the styles of the early 20th century, but without yet having determined the shape of the collection. He very rapidly came to the realisation that it somehow wasn’t the decorative aspects of the arts of this period that appealed to him, but an underlining sense of purpose and pursuit of clarity on the part of the designers that expressed itself in a new purity of form. There is a rich intellectual as well as aesthetic narrative within the collection.

collecting circus #Posters #collecting #Cincinnati Art Museum

Should Everybody Love a Circus?
the current show at the Cincinnati Art Museum through July 20, The Amazing American Circus Poster: The Strobridge Lithographing Company, qualifies as art.

#Collecting #Irish #folkmusic Paddy O'Brien. Rochester, MN

O'Brien, Ruckers coming up at Oak Center - Rochester, MN
Paddy O'Brien photo by David Aronow CU
By Tom Weber
The Post-Bulletin, Rochester MN

OAK CENTER — Paddy O'Brien plays from his repertoire in an upcoming at the Oak Center General Store.

O'Brien, a collector of traditional Irish folk music, knows more than 3,000 songs. O'Brien, a native of Ireland, traveled the Irish countryside in his youth, collecting songs and stories. He began performing music in public in 1966 with the Ballinamere Ceili Band, and made his first concert tour of the U.S. in 1968.

Record collecting - Vinyl Gets its Groove Back in the new Millennium - Via Chicago

Vinyl Gets its Groove Back in the new Millennium - Via Chicago
Apparently, it's found a nice home in the music industry, where record sales-- of actual vinyl LPs and EPs-- have been experiencing a renaissance.

About 2.8 million vinyl LPs were sold last year, according to Nielsen Soundscan statistics, the most since the company started collecting the point-of-purchase data in 1991. That same figure marked a 14 percent increase over 2009.

Read more:

Great book of rock 'n roll data  (

insurance for #art and #collectibles #collecting

Speaking Of: Art Losses | PropertyCasualty360
The fine art and collectible insurance industry

AXA Art Insurance Corporation (AXA Art) was founded in 1987 to address an urgent need: discerning, affordable insurance for fine art and collectibles.

Axa world mapImage via Wikipedia

book #collecting article - values increase drastically over 20 years

The young antiquarian

About a year ago, I decided that books and reading had defined so much of what I am as a person, I wanted to become a book collector — a dealer of the preserved printed word, a packrat of literature.
I quickly learned becoming a bookman, a bookie, a homemade librarian, an antiquarian, a hoarder of value via the library book sale, yard, garage and rummage sale, was easier proclaimed than carried out.

Marble #Collecting 12th annual #Marble Crazy in Bonner Springs

The Mirror / Slightly smaller crowd makes annual event more 'pleasant'
The 12th annual Marble Crazy, which kicked off Friday afternoon at Moon Marble Company in Bonner Springs, brought together marble artists and enthusiasts from across the country, just as it does every year.
Friday and Saturday of the event gave marble and glass artists the opportunity to display their hand-made marbles and to demonstrate for a fixed audience their own individual lamp-working, furnace and glass-blowing, and machine marble-making techniques. A total of 21 artists demonstrated over the weekend, traveling in from states that included Ohio, California and Minnesota.
“This is the best marble show in the United States now,” artist Dan Grumbling, Columbus, Ohio, said.
Each hour-long demonstration had audiences rapt with attention, and during the demonstrations, the artists went through and talked about the actual process of making a marble.

New Limited Edition #DeadZebra #Toys Coming, Prepare Yourselves! | #Android #iPhone Fans

New Limited Edition Dead Zebra Toys Coming, Prepare Yourselves! | Android Phone Fans
The guys at Dead Zebra have announced a new limited edition set of their DYZ Android toys that everyone – Google included – swoons over. New models will include Noogler – a Googler with a spinning propeller hat – and Iceberg who is sure to give everyone the chills whenever they look at him.
The toys go on sale Thursday, March 10th at 11PM EST. Everyone is limited to 1 case per household to give all purchasers an equal chance. Still, it’s going to be a tough race to the checkout page so get your mouses ready, have your credit cards in hand, and prepare for battle. Take a look at this FAQ for more tips. [via Android Community]

#Gold, #money show @ Sacramento, CA

Sacramento Press / Gold, money to be displayed in Sacramento
More than $100 million in rare coins and banknotes will be joining the biggest gold nugget ever discovered in California next week as the National Money Show comes to Sacramento.

#netsuke #collection The Hare With Amber Eyes #fiction review

God of very small things

De Waal is relatively unknown in India, but his ceramic works and installations are well-known elsewhere, and he is considered one of Britain’s most skilled ceramic artists. The collection of 264 netsuke — bibelots originally carved and made in Japan, where they were the ornamental fasteners for containers to be worn with samurai clothing — were part of his inheritance from an eccentric and beloved uncle, Iggie Ephrussi.

The true brilliance of The Hare With Amber Eyes lies not just in the gripping story De Waal has to tell, or the exquisite precision of his prose, but his honesty. He uses his research to imagine, but he never invents; and by respecting the limits of any investigation into the past, he recreates it with far more accuracy than if he had invented it. Writing of his work as a potter, of the way in which he understands how small objects displace a part of the world around them, de Waal explains: “How objects get handled, used and handed on is not just a mildly interesting question for me. It is my question.”
The Hare With Amber Eyes is his answer, and it is one of the most moving, and most haunting, non-fiction books that you will read this year.

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