Saturday, March 5, 2011

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Collector of the Month – Jeffrey Griffith | Upper Deck Blog

Visit to find collecting supplies for trading card, postcard and photograph collections and any paper memorabilia.

Farm Toys

Case-IH Farm Toys |
Photo Zoom
Graduation mortar board with 1:78 scale models

Farm toy show

Cross Country: Farm toy show can be big business and big fun:

"Toy farm tractors have been around for about 90 years. In the 1970s model farm toys became collector items for hobbyists who fondly remembered their youth, folks who like the sight of the model tractor they used on the farm perched on the mantel or on a shelf and those who like to save things and maybe make a dollar or two at it."

Marble collecting

The Mirror / Marble artists descend on Bonner for its annual 'crazy' event

Marbles displayed during Marble Crazy included these marbles made by Geoffrey Beetem (pictured in background), Athens, Ohio. Marble Crazy will continue through Sunday.

bug collecting - new #bugs in Arkansas: Acanthocephala declivis

Acanthocephala declivis: New bug found in Arkansas -

"Hartshorn said she grew to appreciate the beauty, diversity and vast numbers of insects as well as their importance in nature and interactions with humans. “The world would come to a screeching halt if we didn’t have bugs,” she said."

Insect collector finds species new to Arkansas

Toy collecting - Passing the collecting bug to the next generation

For Campbell resident, everyday is a toy story - San Jose Mercury News

Everyday objects - New Museum in Mexico City -

A Collector of Everyday Objects on His New Museum in Mexico City -

"The museum’s mission is described as “collecting, preserving, exhibiting and disseminating design and communications’ diverse expressions” — or ephemera of daily life."
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