Friday, March 4, 2011

Estate sales -

Boomers clean house with big estate sales - "Young shoppers are furnishing their first homes with secondhand items instead of heading straight to Target or IKEA, he said. And do-it-yourselfers are repurposing all styles of furniture, from French provincial to midcentury modern.

'This is the ultimate form of recycling,' Roberts said."

"the goodie table" at an estate sale

Movie books and memorabilia

Movie books and memorabilia the stock, trade and passion at Larry Edmunds Bookshop -

"The bookstore is a throwback among the tourist stops on Hollywood Boulevard with its trove of movie books, posters, photos and other memorabilia."

Wash. D.C. - career collector

BOOKTRYST: Mr. Small Goes To Washington:
"A single man's lifelong dedication to collecting materials about his hometown is about to benefit scholars everywhere. Albert H. Small, a prominent Washington, D.C. real estate developer, has just donated his extensive archives of Washington history to George Washington University. He's also kicked in a little money to renovate a historic home to house his collection, $5 million to be exact."

Novel: The Cookbook Collector

The Cookbook Collector, By Allegra Goodman - Reviews, Books - The Independent:
"The latest novel from acclaimed American writer Allegra Goodman is about love, sisterly relations, the dotcom crash, environmental activists, professional rivalry, 9/11 and, yes, an enigmatic cookbook collector."
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