Thursday, March 3, 2011

collecting records + #rock n roll #accessories

Greenpoint Gazette:Collect-i-Bowl Strikes Again:
"Laura Billard, a local designer who creates and sells her own line of rock’n’roll inspired hair accessories called Dollsville, NYC, planned to purchase a few albums depending on how many hair bows people bought. “There are some pretty amazing Wanda Jackson records I want,” she said. This was the first Collect-i-Bowl she attended. She usually sells her hair bows, decorated with pictures of Elvis Presley, skulls, or Pabst Blue Ribbon online and around the city."

The Mosaic of Art radio show

MOSAIC OF ART - Episode 37 - Feb. 13, 2011
The Mosaic of Art radio show explores the making and distribution of visual art by talking with artists, curators, webmasters, dealers, coaches, publishers, about their creative processes.

japanese packaging Tokyo 朝日新聞社

#packaging #handcrafts #Tokyo朝日新聞社):What's On: JAPAN CULTURE SCENE - English:
"At the Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo, the exhibition 'Tsutsumu--Traditional Japanese Packaging,' which runs through April 3, showcases about 400 packages collected by renowned graphic designer Hideyuki Oka (1905-1995)."

Courthouse #collecting

#motorcycle #spotting
Terry Dickson: It's an easy ride for a courthouse collector |
"Fred Veator has been to more courthouses than Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen combined ... and all on a motorcycle. Veator has been to 1,405 county courthouses 'and one insane asylum,' he said."

Chinese ceramics

Art world awaits European trove of Chinese ceramics | Reuters: "one of the last great European collections of Chinese imperial ceramics"

military insignia #collecting book

Gerry O'Connor's book launched at Columb Barracks - News - Roundup - Articles - Westmeath Examiner:
"Defence Forces unit insignia"

Jewelry: rare Ethiopian #Caterpillar at #auction #jewellery w/video

Magazine covers and advertisments best marketed by category

"One of only two automaton caterpillars known to exist, the Ethiopian caterpillar recently sold for $415,215 at Sotheby's Geneva. ( / March 6, 2011)"

The Ethiopian Caterpillar from HODINKEE on Vimeo.

Free plasticine toys -

8 free plasticine toys - Mirror Promotions -
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