Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Playing cards #squidoo

Collecting playing cards is fun.

How To Invest In Baseball Cards + collecting supplies (via Minyanville.com)

High Return Investing: How To Invest In Baseball Cards | Special Features | Minyanville.com

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fruit crate labels + related articles & graphics

Sacramento's railroad museum exhibits collection of colorful fruit crate labels - Sac Moms Club & Family - sacbee.com

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Vintage Fruit Crate Label 14Image by chicks57 via Flickr

Record collecting

Last Collector Standing: Mike Zapf of Vivian Girls on Competitive Crate-Digging and Finding Vinyl Treasure in Unexpected Places - St. Louis Music - A to Z


INTERVIEW: Super Beatles fan turns his collection into a museum (photos) - National Beatles | Examiner.com

Comic books - $250K Spider-Man collection

Comic fan sacrificing $250K Spider-Man collection - Vancouver social policy | Examiner.com

Gareth, co-owner of Legends Comics and Books in Victoria, B.C., built an impressive collection of Amazing Spider man comics, a passion of collecting that included writing to the editor upon the birth of his first child in 2008 to include her photo in an upcoming issue in the hopes one day, his daughter Enid would appreciate her fathers commitment to his love of Spiderman and superheroes.

Comic book collectors, from kids to physicists has no age barrier,

Funko Pop TV: Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons
Funko Pop! TV collectable character figures from The Simpsons, Big Bang Theory and South Park. Sheldon is the newest Pop! figure - in your choice of four di...
Batman Funko Pop! Heroes Series 1
Batman, Robin and Batgirl fight off the bad guys in Series 1 of the Pop! Heroes vinyl bobble-head toys made by Funko. Six rivals of the caped crusaders try a...
DC Comics: Funko Pop Heroes Series 2 and 3
Heroes from from the pages of DC Universe comics created by Funko. 12 action figure bobble-heads in a growing collection of characters from classic comic bo...
Funko Pop Heroes: Marvel Comics collectable toy figures
Marvel comic book heroes and villains - everyone from Wolverine to Iron Man and Superhero Friends: Captain America, Red Skull, Spider Man, Iron Man, Wolverin...
Comic-Con exclusive toys
Each year, toy companies create exclusive collectors items for customers who attend the San Diego Comic-Con and other large comic book conventions.Super Fr...

Record collecting for a new generation

Analog is fuzzy nice
The Daily Bruin :: Vinyl records are regaining popularity in different genres and a new generation

Chris Walker began collecting the Pink Floyd discography on vinyl when he was a freshman in high school. He searched for its albums at every record store he visited, and told his friends to be on the lookout, too.
One evening during his sophomore year, one of those friends sent Walker a text message: “You’re not going to believe this, but Amoeba has an original printing of ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ in their Pink Floyd section. Should I buy it for you?”
When “The Dark Side of the Moon” was released in 1973, the record included a set of promotional posters and stickers inside the sleeve; those first pressings are now collector’s items.

Ticket stubs

Chronicling culture - Living - SanLuisObispo.com

Toys - tractors and farm toy museum

Kiley's Custom Farm Toys | TheFencePost.com
Anamosa was founded as Buffalo Forks in 1838. It was named Lexington in 1856 but renamed Anamosa when the city was incorporated in 1877. Local lore credits the city name after a local Native American girl named Anamosa, which means white fawn. Anamosa is home to the National Motorcycle Museum, which features many vintage motorcycles, including the only original Captain American bike from the movie Easy Rider.

Inside the National Farm Toy Museum
Inside the National Farm Toy Museum in Dyersville, Iowa, United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Define antiquarian books - Rare book prices

The Worth of Rare Books - An Interview with ILAB President Arnoud Gerits ILAB-LILA

Are there other criteria to classify a book as "antiquarian"?

There are no clear definitions that distinguish “rare books” from “old books” or “antiquarian books”. The standard definition of an antiquarian book is a book over 100 years old, traditionally antiquarian books are those printed before 1800. But through usage the meaning has changed and rare books can now include 20th century books. It must be remembered that there are 19th and 20th century books that are much more difficult to find than a good number of 16th and 17th century books.

There is a tendency to consider those books which have shaped the history of mankind as the most important or desirable books (Charles Darwin, Adam Smith, William Harvey, Galileo Galilei, René Descartes, Isaac Newton, Baruch de Spinoza etc. etc.), but one can as well build a library documenting the history, development and evolution of economic thought, one can collect books on mushrooms, one can collect books on mathematics, classical authors such as Dante or Goethe or Shelley, one can collect illustrated books, or only books illustrated by one particular artist.

The International League of Antiquarian Booksellers does not encourage collecting books for investment purposes. We can tell what the price of a book was in the past, how that price has developed, we can tell what it will cost now to own a copy, but we cannot predict what its future price will be. Our advice is always: buy what you like, what pleases you, what interests you, what fits within your areas of collecting or interest, buy the best copy available (and affordable to you) at the moment you want to buy the book.

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