Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Top Ten Most Expensive Classic Toys - Wikicollecting

New Wikicollecting's Top Ten Most Expensive Classic Toys:

Monopoly Set c. 1933Image by Cea. via Flickr

"As Christmas approaches, it's impossible not to think of toys. So to celebrate the festive season, Wikicollecting presents a list of ten of the most expensive classic children's toys ever sold."

Toy soldier - $200,000
G.I Joe was the world’s first action figure, and he’s also the most valuable. The first prototype of the All-American Hero, hand carved and painted in 1963 by his inventor Don Levine, was sold at a Heritage auction in 2003.

Barbie doll - $302,500
The world’s most expensive Barbie Doll has some serious bling about her. Created in 2007 by the Australian designer Stefano Canturi, the doll wore a black strapless party dress, black stilettos and a necklace featuring a one carat pink diamond surrounded by three carat white diamonds.

Monopoly - $146,500
Hand-made by the game’s purported inventor Charles Darrow, the set features a circular board cut from oilcloth along with hand-made hotels and printed instructions. It was sold at Sotheby's in December 2010 as part of the Malcolm Forbes Toy Collection for a record price of $146,500.

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