Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chinese Man Builds 600,000-Cigarette-Pack Fort

Chinese Man Builds 600,000-Cigarette-Pack Fort:

Wang Guanyi, a 46-year-old cigarette pack collector from Longnan, China, has recently built a 30-foot fort-like building made with 600,000 colorful cigarette packs.
Wang is a famous person in his home city because he usually greets everyone with “hello, do you smoke? do you have cigarette packs?” He says he has been fascinated with cigarette packs ever since he was a little boy, and collected his first one off the street, when he was just seven years old. He was first attracted by the bright colors and nice images on the packs, and kept collecting them until he reached an impressive 600,000. As you can imagine, every corner of his house was filled with them, but just when he was running out of space, he saw a TV show about a man who had built a house out of wine bottles, and was inspired to do the same thing with his cigarette pack collection.

via Global Times and Ganzhou China
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