Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chief Halftown and Sally Starr

Reminiscing about these two television personalities that were part of the last dying embers of nostalgia for Cowboys and Indians in the 1970s. Gene London also had his own after school TV show with cartoons and ghost stories.
Verso:“A full-blooded Seneca Indian, Chief Halftown has traveled thousands of miles in helping thousands of youngsters learn to enjoy the fun of bowling. There are Chief Halftown Junior Bowling Clubs in over 200 cities in the United States and Canada.”
Wish I knew about the Chief when I was a kid. With my love for bowling, this would have been right down my alley.
More about the Chief and his long-running TV program HERE and HERE.
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Greetings from Chief Halftown
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These performers were contemporaries of other local TV personalities on Philadelphia, like Wee Willie Webber,  Dr. Shock (Joe Zawislak) and Elvira. Don't forget the early Goth soap opera called "Dark Shadows" (1966-1971) with Barnabas Collins.

Love it - Sally Starr and Chief Halftowne?
I saw Chief Halftown about 18 years ago doing a TeePee gig at Dutch Wonderland when I took my children there. I gushed like a little girl and tried to convince my kids how cool he was / is.
Gene London
Sally is still with us, living I think in Jersey. spoke with her in '88 and she was working in nsyndication in small markets.
Sally Starr used to open her show with
"I hope you feel as good as you look, cuz you sure look good to your gal Sal...!" I remember it well!
CHief Halftown is at Dutch Wonderland.
Love, luck and lollipops! [Sally Starr]
The Chief died a few years back...
I think the Chief was part owner of the Downingtown Farmer's Market
Our gal sal. remember her show with cartoons? and chief haftown came to cynwyd school one day and told us what it was like to be an indian. did you know he was a star athlete? read that somewhere recentlly.
We use to take the kids to Dutch Wonderland and he would be sitting in a teepee waiting and hoping that someone would come over and say sad to see and this was 2003-2005 I'm guessing

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