Friday, June 3, 2011

Sports card collector (allegedly) ripped off by police ! catalog your collection - St. Catharines Standard, Ontario

Wayne Gretzky, New York Rangers.Image via Wikipedia
Sports collector shut out in lawsuit against police - St. Catharines Standard, Niagara Region, Sun Media - Ontario, CA:

"An avid collector of sports memorabilia who claimed police stole more than $680,000 in rare hockey cards during a raid at his St. Catharines home didn't score any points in civil court."

Among the cards Glode alleged missing in a lawsuit were six Wayne Gretzky rookie cards, four Mario Lemieux rookie cards and eight Patrick Roy rookie cards, two of which were signed.
"His theory that the items not returned to him somehow ended up in the hands of the defendants has no evidence to support it and is not credible," Maddalena wrote in a decision this week.

Glode sought $808,000 for the cards and other items he claimed were seized and not returned, such as signed hockey jerseys, masks and pucks. He also asked for $1 million in damages for malicious prosecution, negligence, trespass and conversion of property, and $1 million in punitive damages.
He launched a lawsuit in April 2005. The trial was held over seven days in December 2010 in Welland. The case dates back to October 2003, when Glode was arrested in Pennsylvania and charged with possessing 26.6 pounds of marijuana in the two spare tires of his rented SUV.

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