Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Peoples Collections’ Village museum to be opened in Cornwall + Meet Wayne Elderbroom - Seaway News

portable Kenmore wringer washer made in February 1958
"“Our Peoples Collections’ Village”, a museum to be built by Rudy Tabak and Marie Morrell. Wayne left the washer for the Museum the same day he was interviewed. Elderbroom has not been able to get much information, on Internet, except that it is a portable washing machine that could also be used as a salesman’s sample.

Wayne’s true passion revolves around collecting die-cast cars and motorcycles. One item he is really keen about is a pewter (lead) motor cycle given to him by Rudy Tabak. Another prize possession is his riding 1930 Simplicity garden tractor. Wayne loves garage sales and picks up unusual items of historical meaning. If money was no object, he would love to own an old 1958 truck that he would rebuild."

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