Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shakespeare's first folio: 232 known $6.2 million paid in 2001 |

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"Despite the high value placed on them by collectors, First Folios are not particularly rare. West notes that 232 copies exist today in institutions around the world as well as in private libraries. Although each copy was produced on a printing press, no two are exactly identical.

“Each one of the 232 copies is unique, each with its individual history” says West. “One thing that interests me is the provenance, the succession of owners. And it’s not just the individual but also their collective history that is fascinating—for example, when and how the volumes spread around the world. If you handle a book that’s 400 years old, and you think of all its owners and readers, you have a feeling you’re as close as you can get to these people.”"

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