Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pokémon pokedoll collection: Slakoth and Breloom | pkmncollectors

pkmncollectors: Re-Intro, Collection Update & Grail Gets!: "trying to collect every pokedoll didn't help either. After cleaning what I did and didn't need I started again but in time my collecting became contained and I chose only a selected few to collect.

I love collecting members of my poke-team! Which I give names/genders and personalities to, yes I know I'm sad. Shush. They include Raichu, Lugia and Absol. And lines for Crobat, Luxray, Floatzel, Weavile, Sentret. But who I hardcore collect most and what I'm probably best known here for collecting are....the Slakoth and Breloom lines!"

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