Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Opening 'Le Roy's attic' + Jello related articles | The Daily News Online: Entertainment

Opening 'Le Roy's attic' - The Daily News Online: Entertainment:

"The 'Museum of Curiosities' is filled with unusual items including many Le Roy 'icons,' sayd Lynne Belluscio curator of Le Roy House and director of the Le Roy Historical Society.
There are boxes of 'crazy Jell-O flavors' such as seasoned tomato, celery, Mystery Jell-O and Barbie Jell-O. The true story of the 'Le Roy flamingos' is revealed.

The centerpiece is Christopher the Giraffe, a circus animal that died in Le Roy in 1985, was stuffed by a local taxidermist, and displayed at Pontillo's before the pizzeria closed."

How is this related articles

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