Wednesday, May 4, 2011

History of Glass collecting fever | Burleson (Texas) Star

The Burleson Star -- Burleson, Texas:
"Special to the Star
In the 1970s a phenomenon began that swept the country. It seemed no one was immune to the collecting craze, and that included me. By 1985, I was a seasoned accumulator. What follows are some of my observations of that time when collecting glass became a passion that resembled a pandemic.

Chronic symptoms of Glass Collecting Fever appeared around 1975, accompanied by compulsive, feverish behavior generally manifested on weekends and during vacation travel. Before long, several strains of the fever could be seen. First came Heisey fever, then Cambridge, and there was talk of several cases of Duncan and Miller fever.

Fostoria fever came to public notice in 1980 when a fever-ravaged group of glass enthusiasts met in Moundsville, W.Va., location of the famous Fostoria Glass Company."

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