Friday, May 27, 2011

Gnome is where my heart is: 4000 garden ornaments |

DECORATING your garden with 4,000 ornaments may seem potty to some, but for this Cleethorpes collector it is simply a matter of taste.:

 "David Meears, 55, of Sandringham Road, has been collecting garden ornaments for seven years, amassing a bizarre collection of gnomes, animals, angels, signs and more.

After years of car-booting and charity shop raiding, his collection spans the length and breadth of his ground-floor flat's garden and includes 128 gnomes, 94 windmills and 279 horses.

And to deter any opportunistic thieves who may be tempted by the quirky figurines, Mr Meears has even set up booby traps to protect the £5,000 collection."

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