Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Collecting #Bookends in Sydney Australia - exhibit | Greg Currie

Collecting bookends | Greg Currie:
End game...Greg Currie.
"'I gave my sister one for Christmas,'' says Donna Braye, the curator of the Bookends: Another Chapter exhibition, which is at Mosman Library in Sydney. This was the defining moment that made her think that these almost-forgotten objects were perhaps worthy of celebration.

The exhibition includes prized examples borrowed from Australiana collector Greg Currie and former business journalist Trevor Kennedy, among others."

Decorative bookends had became especially fashionable in the 1930s, when the Brisbane Courier reported these had taken over from toast racks as the most popular wedding gifts.

These objects are now classified as extremely desirable and increasingly valuable, especially if signed by noted ceramic artists such as Grace Seccombe, Merric Boyd, Marguerite Mahood and Eric Bryce Carter.

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