Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baseball card collecting + Jose Canseco - Collector's Spotlight, May 2011: 1st4040 @ Freedom Card Board

View topic - Collector's Spotlight, May 2011: 1st4040 @ Freedom Card Board:
"Why do collect Jose Canseco? Growing up in the late 80's few were more popular or exciting to watch at that time than Jose."
How long have you been collecting? I have been collecting since the mid 80's. My father owned a variety store most of my life and in 1986 he started selling Topps cards. We used to open packs together which got me interested in the hobby originally. In 1988 I just decided that I wanted to focus on collecting Jose's cards exclusively and try and get as many as I could not really knowing how much was out there. Card shows were a way of life for me growing up. I obtained all my oddball and regional cards through a chance meeting with Southpaw Cards at a Boston card show in the early 90's and then ordered through his mailing list for years to follow. The newer generation of collectors really can't appreciate just how hard it was to be a player collector before the internet made everything readily accessible. The internet has really furthered my collection in ways that just weren't possible years ago.

How many cards do you have in your collection? I don't have an exact number due to the abundance of non recognized issues but I have 1890/2686 Beckett checklisted cards. If I had to guess I would say around 2200 total cards and other oddball statues and starting lineups.

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